Thursday, July 19, 2012

4th of July

We spent the week of the 4th at Duck Creek at Grand Lake with the Yancey's and Foster's the Stephanie and Ellie joined us later in the week.

Duck Creek has a really awesome fireworks display, they have jets that fly over just before dusk.  Then the fireworks start about 9:30ish.  Since we watched from the Yancey's dock the babies had to wear their life jackets.  As you can tell, Harper was THRILLED to be wearing hers.  About 45 mins after we were down there and there was NO wind we took them off to let the breathe because they were getting sweaty and were very irritable.  As long as we were sitting still they didn't have to wear it.  But if we got up with them, on it went!

Once the fireworks started Harper really enjoyed them, until the first set of continuious fireworks happened and thats when she was startled (hence picture #2) but after that she calmed down and enjoyed them.

Then she decided to take a little snooze...


It was a great 5 days of just total relaxation, no laundry, no TV, just us hanging out, eating until our hearts content, paddle boat rides, floating and boat rides!

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