Thursday, August 16, 2012


Amanda, her son Callen, Harper and myself decided to beat the heat and head to the mountains of Montana for a few days!  Well we actually had another reason for going :) We headed out to see our friend (and our college roomie) Karrie and her husband Jeremy.  They are expecting their first baby in Mid-September.  Colton Max Wray, isn't that the cutest name?!

Since we were flying into a small town in Montana we had to fly out of OKC.  So the night before we drove to OKC to stay the night and get up SUPER early to catch our flight.
Having dinner picnic style, on the bed in our hotel :)

Thursday morning we got up early I mean like the sun still has a few hours before his alarm goes off!  Our flight was leaving at 6:50a and we were at the airport about 5:15-5:30a and the line for security was ridiculously long!  The babies were starting to get rather tired and poor Callen was sitting in poop the whole time we were in line :/  Needless to say that made Amanda frustrated and Callen was just pissed! :)
Finally to our gate, just waiting to board!

After his MAJOR blowout and a change of clothes later, everyone's happy :)
We finally arrived in Montana about 11:30a (that's 12:30 Tulsa time) and the babes were hungry!  So after we buckled in two car seats, loaded the bags, 2 babies and 3 adults we were off to Karrie's!

The first day there we just hung out, it was so great to face to face catch up with all three of us!  Karrie's sister Katie was in town (well she was actually at Yellowstone visiting their parents, who work at Yellowstone) and came back in time for dinner.  Jeremy grilled out and their sweet neighbor came over and ate with us.  We bathed the babes and they headed to bed (it was an hour behind Tulsa so they were TIRED!)
Bathing Babes!
The next morning we got up and headed to the Montana Children's Museum.  It was an okay place, it would've been better if the babes could walk around I think they would've had more fun.  But nonetheless it was a fun place for them to explore and get out of the house.
Montana Children's Museum

LOVED the water table

Are your tunes loud enough?

Sweet baby :)

Mirror, Mirror

We went to a wonderful pizza place they have in Montana called MacKenzie River Pizza Co it is very good pizza!  I am a pizza lover and this is some good pizza, I would rank it #2 under Hideaway, the crust is good, the seasoning they use is wonderful, it's perfect portions and its decorated very outdoorsy; it's a fun atmosphere.  If you are ever in Montana you MUST eat here!

Our living space for a few days!

Amanda and I stayed in their guest room and the babes slept in Colton's room.  Callen slept in Colton's crib and Harper slept in Colton's pack n play.  We were so thankful that Karrie and Jeremy had room for all 4 of us! :)

Friday night we went out with Karrie's friends Heather and Amanda.  Yes, you read that right...Karrie has 2 friends in Montana named Heather and Amanda.  So we are referred to and Oklahoma Heather and Amanda and they are referred to as Montana Heather and Amanda.  Anyway, that was way off topic!  

Jeremy babysat while we had a girls night! :)
We went to this bar Karrie had told us about called The Sip n Dip.  Behind the bar they have a girl dressed up as a mermaid who swims around and people take pictures with her, she does tricks as well.  It was weird, interesting and cool all at the same time.  
Sip n' Dip

Montana Heather and Amanda, Karrie, Oklahoma Heather and; Amanda and Katie
Saturday morning we had a baby shower for Karrie and baby Colton.  He got SO many great things!  I don't know what it is about baby things; I just love them!  It was right in the middle of nap time and Callen slept on the Hostess bed but that wasn't happening with little miss.  She slept on me for over an hour and then I passed her to off to Karrie's mom while I helped pick up and load the car with al of Colton's goodies!
Grandma Ginny getting her practice before baby Colton arrives

Celebrating Colton!

Katie (Karrie's sister), Karrie and Ginny (Karrie's Mom)

This is after you turn off Karrie and Jeremy's street and head down to the main road we took to get most anywhere in town.  It was a rather cloudy day but you can still kind of see the outline of the mountains.  That is what I love everywhere you look, you see mountains; it is simply breathtaking.
I love seeing mountains everywhere you look
Karrie and Colton dropping us off at the airport.  It was a great trip and we can't wait to see Karrie and Colton in November!!

Next time we are together there will be another stroller!!  Hate to leave but we will see Karrie and Colton very soon!

Luckily Harper was getting all her energy out on our 3 hour layover in Denver before we headed home!  We are truly lucky...she is such a happy baby!
Keeping busy in the Denver Airport

I'll play music for you mom, don't worry the 3 hours will go by quickly!

Is that our plane, mom?!

Baby Band
We had such a great time, yes there were tears, poopy diaper (lots of them), late nights, games of phase 10, laughter and good times!  Can't wait to do it again!!

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