Saturday, February 28, 2009

We are feeling the Economy!

Well its official...the effects of the economy have hit the Horton house and hit it bad! I was headed to work Friday and I always call Michael on my way to work and he didn't answer this time, which is not unusual. So a few minutes pass and I text him to see what he is doing. I am almost to work and I call him again to tell him it will be a very busy day and I might not get to talk to him. He answers this time and proceeds to tell me that he's sorry he didn't answer earlier but he had just been laid off!! I think I took the news worse than Michael did! I started crying and thinking about everything in our newlywed life was starting to fall into place and we would soon be in our new house. Michael be the strong man that he is tells me everything will be ok, tells me how much he loves me and he will call me later. After many, many tears and several hugs from friends and women I work with and talking to my parents I was starting to feel a better.

Once I got home Michael and I just sat on the couch and cried for a few minutes and then we put it behind us and decided we weren't going to let it get us down. We decided we were going to go rent movies, order some dinner and have a night at home to ourselves!

If you could please keep Michael in your prayers while he is trying to find a job.

Thank you to everyone who just simply gave me a hug on friday, that is exactly what I needed!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last 2 weeks in pictures!

Well Michael and I had our first Valentine's Day as a married couple.  I decided that I would take care of breakfast.  I have seen these donuts that you can get them to spell out words or shapes, etc.  I wanted them to say "Happy 1st V-Day" with hearts.  I got up really early Saturday morning to drive to the other side of town to get these donuts.  When I put them in the car this is what I saw....

REALLY?!  Happy 1st B-Day?!?!  I was very upset at first, I vented to Savannah and then I was over it.  Here's the funny part....Michael didn't even notice!!!!!  


I loved the donut idea so much that I ordered some on the day of Savannah's actual birthday.  She is a nanny and the kids she watches were home for President's Day so I brought them a sugary treat!  (Don't worry they spelled it right this time!  Oh and there were 2 flowers and 2 hearts, but Coop and Livi couldn't wait!!)



Aside from teaching preschool and working in the nursery 3 days a week I some how find time to babysit some pretty AMAZING kids!!  Two of them being Kate and Maggie!  Kate is a very active 2 1/2 year old but very independent.  Her mom was headed to the grocery store so we had to be creative for lunch, so we decided to make a pizza!  Here is our creation!

      Pouring on the Cheese...                                     Kate wanted me to put a "K" on top...

Kate decided she wanted to cover up the "K"



My dear friend Savannah is now 9,490 days old. (I'll let you do the math)  We celebrated her birthday last night at this little whole in the wall place in downtown Tulsa called El Guapo (very good mexican food by the way).  Savannah and I have become very very good friends over the last 2 years and I am so blessed to have her in my life!

Love you Friend!!!

Her 1st Birthday Cookie Cake!!!


Hope you have enjoyed our week in pictures!  Hopefully next week will bring house pictures!  We drove by today and they have moved the dirt around!  WOO HOO!! That's all we wanted to see!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cowboy Basketball

If there is one passion that Michael and I can share together it is our love for the Cowboys!  The Oklahoma State Cowboys that is!  We love Cowboy football, basketball, wrestling anything where the Cowboys (or Cowgirls) are playing we are watching! 

One of Michael's rep's gave us 2 tickets to the Cowboy's Basketball game vs. Texas Tech last night.  If you have never been to Gallagher IBA-Arena you should go.  It was voted the Best College Basketball Arena in the Nation!  Let me tell you it is definitely the rowdiest!  There is nothing better than hearing thousands of fans screaming ORANGE POWER!  or GO POKES GO POKES GO POKES GO!  or having students paint their bodies Orange and look like fools and camp outside the arena to be the first ones inside to get the perfect front row in the action seat. 

Last nights game was no exception!  I'll be the first to tell you that at half time I was very frustrated with the way we were playing and I was going to be very upset if we just drove over to Stillwater to watch our beloved team loose (lets be honest to be a Cowboy's fan you just have to learn how to deal with your team loosing) fans NEVER give up on our team and we will yell and scream until the last pass is thrown or the last shot is taken!  We were down at one point by almost 17 points and everything we threw up didn't go in.  I was starting to loose hope!  But I should've know better!  Because we are definitely a 2nd half team and things started pick up for us and our shots were going in and fouls were being called in our favor!  The crowd was on their feet screaming and yelling the whole 2nd half!  It gives me the chills!  

Here is a picture of the final score!

That's OSU 81-Tech 80! GO POKES!!

I'm happy to report that our trek to Stillwater was a very worthwhile trip!!

As the legendary Eddie Sutton says:
Always have faith in God, Yourself & the Cowboys!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here's to friendship!!

Last weekend Amanda and I and our mom's hosted a shower for Stephanie and Baby Ellie.  Stephanie and I have been friends for 17 years!  We met in the 3rd grade when we moved into the house my parents currently live in.  She was the first person I met when I got on the bus and showed me the ropes at good 'ole Francis Scott Key Elementary!  Lucky for me Stephanie lived about 5 blocks away from me!  Who doesn't love when their best friend lives within walking distance!?  I need to find some "from the beginning pictures" of Steph and I for your viewing pleasure!  

Stephanie and I have been through it all.  New siblings, the drama of High School, boyfriends, broken hearts, dances, going to rival colleges, weddings, new houses and now BABIES!!!  I was so excited when Stephanie and her husband Ben called me in August and told me they were pregnant!  I was jumping up and down with joy (i've only been asking her for the last year and a half when she was going to give me a niece or nephew!).   Well it has finally happened they are having baby!  Steph is actually due here in the next few weeks!  I am anxiously awaiting Ellie's arrival!  I'll definitely post when she is born.

Here are a few pictures of her shower:

Steph, Baby Ellie & I

Hostesses with Steph & Grandma to be!

Grandma's to be and Steph!