Friday, September 17, 2010

Worth a thousand words...

...Or a thousand dollars! :) (not really)

The night before Easter I was taking a timer picture while babysitting and my camera fell on the tile floor and it was dead! The lens was extended out and it smashed one side of it. It was a sad day in the Horton house! I can't live without a camera! I am constantly taking pictures! I have 103 albums on Facebook, if that tells you anything!

I had been asking for a camera for my birthday and Christmas this year. I wanted a really nice camera for when we have kids. Michael came to me on Tuesday night and said that Best Buy was having bundle deals on cameras and if I wanted one to go look and see which ones I like the best.

So Wednesday evening my wonderful Hubby came home with this....

A Nikon D5000DX! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I have taken pictures of Gizmo and my kids at school and it is so awesome!

Here are a few pics I've taken:

A camera wasn't enough for us we (Michael) had to uprade our TV from a 46" to a 55". Michael is like a kid in a candy store when it comes to electronics! Here are the pictures with our new electronic of our other new electronic!

Michael was so tired after putting the TV together that he needed to take a snoozer!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Party in the Sac!

Last Saturday we had our 1st Annual Block Party. It was really fun! We (well the HOA board members) grilled hot dogs and all the neighbors brought the side dishes. We had a guy named Justin come sing for us and he was great! I really liked all the music he played (it was all song i knew!)

We had a clown Flora Bell doing face painting and balloon animals for the younger kiddos (and a few of the adults).

We also had a Jupiter Jump and the kids loved it (and a few of the adults!) :)

It was really a great time to get to meet some of the neighbors we see everyday but never really stop and talk to! Here are our immediate neighbors.

Colby and Carisa Wright

Kellen and Lindsey Baldwin

Hubby and I

Soon-to-be Jason and Susan Rooks

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Living up to it's name

Labor Day weekend lived up to its name this year at the Horton house!

About 2 weeks ago I painted my friend Cara's little girls room and it sparked my painting bug! So I "talked" Michael into it and we started with the kitchen. Something easy, not a lot of wall space. Well that lead to painting the kitchen, laundry room and pantry!

Cara and I had picked out a few shades of green that I though would look nice against our cabinets, which are a dark cherry. Michael and I agreed on a color "Weeping Willow" it was! So on Thursday we go to Lowes and purchase our paint and all the things you need when painting. Michael and his dad were going to paint the ceiling on friday while I was at school, so we could start bright and early Saturday morning with the wall color.

Well we get home and I can't wait! We painted a small portion of the wall next to the cabinets, so I could see what it looked like! I HATE IT!!!!!! I looks like a pea yellow!!

I wake up in the morning still hating the color and Michael is telling me to "live with it, because we can't take a $25 can of colored paint back!!" His sister comes over later that evening and some how Michael has changed his tune from 'living with it' to hating it! They go to Lowes and buy these little paint testers for $2.49 (genius! Why didn't we think of this before!!!) and they buy 3 colors and paint them on the wall, then it is up to me to decide the final color!

We picked the far right color! I absolutely love it!! It is exactly what I was expecting it to look like!!

My mom, Cara, Michael's dad, Michael and I knocked the kitchen, laundry room and pantry out all before 4:00!!

Michael and I were headed to the season opener in Stillwater so we needed to be done by 4:00 to be at the game by 6:00. I have to say that we could NOT have done it without everyone's help!!

It's so nice to walk into the kitchen and it feels homey (I know its not a word, but I'm making it work here!).

Next project...the guest bedroom!!!