Saturday, June 23, 2012

13 Months

Well I am almost a week late getting this posted, but better late than never!! :)

It's so crazy when people ask how old you are and I say "One"
You spent your 13 month birthday at Pediatric Urgent Care with a 103.5 fever :-/ You had been running a low grade fever since Saturday night but we just thought it was because your top tooth was really coming in.  Come to find out you had some kind of virus and we were to alternate Motrin and Tylenol until your fever subsided.  Finally by Tuesday you were feeling better.

You weigh 20.9 lbs (only gained 8oz since your 1st birthday)
You are still in size 3 diapers and wearing 12 month clothes
You are LOVING milk
You are eating everything and there isn't anything you won't eat; bananas, green beans and Gerber cheetos are your favorite. 
You are still loving swim lessons.  You have moved up to Flippers and there is a lot of underwater activities and you seem to do fine, sometimes it catches you off guard but you don't mind!
You are the happiest baby, you smile all the time, you love to talk to anyone who will listen, but you can also give people a look; its quite funny.

Your top tooth has really popped through and the other one is on its way.  Your 2nd bottom tooth is starting to make it's way to the surface.
We celebrated Noni's birthday over Memorial Day weekend.  Ninna picked out a Strawberry cake and you LOVED it, no surprise there :)

You are pulling up on everything!  You are holding on to the couch, the bench and the entertainment center and will walk across it.  I'm not sure how long it will be until you walk, I say later this summer. :)

 We finally collected all of the NICU donations from your birthday party and took them all up the NICU one Friday afternoon.  Sarah and Jenna were there and a few other nurses came out and saw you; they all couldn't believe it had been a year since you were there.  You were crawling all over the waiting area (mommy scrubbed you down after we left :-) )

Your second cousin Mitchell got married on June 9th.  It was a very small wedding, just family.  You did great until the end then you started talking really loud and throwing your toys on the floor :-/ It was a Catholic wedding and you did great for most of it. 

Daddy's work had a ZOO day for all Newfield families.  It was warm but not to hot.  They didn't really have much for your age to do.  But next year you will be able to do the inflatables and games.  We walked around and saw the animals and went into a few buildings.  It was nice to not have the Zoo so crowded with a ton of other people.  It was a nice time together just us three.  

We rode the carousel before we you are before the ride started... you are once the ride started.  It went faster than we thought!  You made it around about 2 times and you freaked out and lunged into Daddy's arms!!  I'll have to admit, it went a lot faster than both dad and I had expected.   

 You are the best baby toddler (huge lump in throat) you are just so happy all the time!  I am loving this stage you are in, I do wish you said "Mama" a little more :)

Memorial Day

I guess Memorial Day Eve and Memorial Day were the busiest for us! :)

Harper comes to church on Sunday's but she only stays for one service since Michael and I are there until 1pm and that is just to long for her.  Our mom's, with the occasional Aunt thrown in there, come and pick Harper up about 10:30 and bring her home.  If she stays the whole time she won't take a morning nap, which doesn't make for a fun Harpy! :)  

This Sunday was my mom's Sunday. They came home played, had lunch and watered the plants.  Then it was off to a Sunday Afternoon drive.  My mom, grandma Janie and I used to do these ALL the time when I was in Middle School.  My friend Amanda and her husband have moved back from Wichita Falls and are currently living with her parents and their 5 month old.  They just purchased a house in Skiatook so we took a drive out there to see it!  Then we jaunted over to Owasso to give my Aunt some candles; my cousin is getting married this Saturday.  
Luckily Harper took her afternoon nap on our drive :)  After we got home, mom and I fired up (well blew up  used the neighbors air compressor) and opened he swimming season at the Horton Household!  Harper had a great time!!

Monday my sweet friend Cara's (or CiCi has Harper will call her) little boy had a birthday...he is NINE!  He is such a sweet boy, but watch yourself, he's got a spunk to him ;)  He requested a candle in everything...he wanted to make LOTS of wishes!  Happy 9th Birthday Clayton James!!

While Savannah, CiCi and I painted Harper's bathroom, Chloe and Carsyn played in the sprinkler.  It was rather hot, but Chloe loved it!!

After finishing the bathroom, we decided to reward ourselves and take a dip in the pool!  We are members of an athletic club (really it's just a Golf Membership, Harper and I just get the perks of the pool)  :)  The water felt so good and it was not crowded at all, it was wonderful!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!!