Saturday, December 24, 2011

7 Months

Every month I say it...You are growing up to fast!

Here's what you are up to:

-You weight roughly 16lbs 10oz (give or take a few oz)
-You still wear size 2 diapers
-You are in 3-6 mo clothes, some 6 mo clothes are still big!
-You are drinking 6oz of formula with cereal at lunch and a veggie at dinner.
-We started veggies the first of December and you have eaten Green Beans, Peas and Carrots.  You have loved them all but carrots seem to be your favorite.
-You are sleeping from 9/930p-6a then you drink a bottle and go back to bed for about 3 hours (on the days mommy doesn't have to be anywhere it is blissful!!) :)  I'm hoping once we start eating more and more food you will sleep longer.
-You still have NO interest in rolling over :/
-You are sitting up more and more everyday.  You still don't have totally trunk control but I think that will come in the next few weeks (you are much happier when you are sitting up playing with toys)
-You put EVERYTHING in your mouth!!
-You celebrated your first Thanksgiving and your GiGi's 90th Birthday.
-You are talking a lot these days.  You really screech from the back of your throat and have lots to say when you are getting your diaper changed or laying on your mat.
-You still pretty much fall asleep in the car whenever we go anywhere, whether you have just woken up from a nap or not you are a car snoozer!
-We bought you a big girl car seat on Cyber Monday, but I think your head is still too small and I don't want it to just bounce around in your new seat so we will save it and maybe in a month or so we will upgrade you!
-Still loving bath time (you have pooped in the bath twice!!)  It's really gross!!!

Oh Harper, I really can't say enough great things about you.  You are such a happy baby.  Every where we go people say how good you are and you seem to be so happy.  It's the truth!  You are only fussy if your tired or hungry, but hey who isn't!  We love you so much and can't wait to see what you'll do next!

Christmas Train

The beginning of November I was driving on one of our busy expressway's and a billboard caught my attention.  It had a big Santa on it and said "CHRISTMAS TRAIN" I have heard of many people talk about it.  We went SEVERAL years ago (over 12 at least) and I hardly remember it!  So I jumped online when I got home and looked it up.  It was my lucky day, that next Monday and Tuesday they were selling tickets for $8 (which is half price!)I asked our family if they wanted to join us and they all accepted!  Friday December 9th we bundled up and headed to Dry Gulch, USA to ride the Christmas Train!  

Our first stop of the evening was The Christmas Train, while riding the train we experienced the true meaning of Christmas with the sights and sounds of the season. The train ride itself featured beautiful (I think hand painted) artwork and live reenactments.  I was very very cool!

Train station

The Christmas Train

After dinner we went to Santa's Palace to put our name on the list to see Santa.  After we got on the list and got a pager (it's a restaurant pager that works anywhere in the park!  They buzz you when you are 5 mins from seeing Santa.)

We walked around the different shops and took in all the sights and sounds they had to offer!

By the end of the night we were all tired (and cold) but we had a great time and I can't wait to make it our new Christmas Tradition!

I'm how close to 30?!

Well a few weeks ago I celebrated a birthday!  I actually celebrated with a few friends a few days before. We went and got Pedicures (birthdays are always a good excuse to get them!) Then we went to my favorite place for dinner, Texas Roadhouse!  

Then we went bowling!!  I haven't been bowling in years!!!  I have to say I I dominated 3 games of bowling with a score of 314! :)

It was great to spend it with friends.  That's all I ever really want :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

3rd Annual Tacky Christmas

Luckily for us our neighbors are all married couples around our age.  3 years ago when we moved in we started a Tacky Sweater Christmas Party.  We rotate houses and have dinner and do a gift exchange.  This year was a little different than past years.  We added 2 babies and one on the way!  Susan made a delicious Lasagna and all the fixin's!!  

Harper and Susan

                                                         The Horton's Tacky Sweaters

                                                                         The Rooks

                                                       The Baldwin's (including Hudson)

Happy 90th Birthday GiGi!

My grandma Barbara turned 90 on Thanksgiving Day.  90?!  Can you believe it?  I can only imagine what she has seen!!

All of her grandkids (Minus Matthew)

We celebrated her birthday the Saturday after Thanksgiving at The Bistro.  We actually surprised her!  She had no idea that all her family and her 2 oldest friends were there.  Needless to say she was very surprised.

My grandma told me a few years ago the only thing she wanted by the time she turned 90 was to be a Great-Grandma (GiGi).  Well on her 89th birthday Michael and I granted her wish! ;-)

Happy Birthday Grandma!!  We Love You!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Harper had a great First Thanksgiving.  We went over to my Aunt Diane's house for lunch.  As always she makes a ton of really delicious food!!  We hung out there for a while then went over to Michael's parents for dessert.  Unfortunately, we didn't stay very long because we decided we were going to be crazies and attempt Black Friday and someone who shall remain nameless *Cough Harper Cough* was getting fussy and very very sleepy!

First taste of Cereal

Actually, Harper has been eating cereal for about 2 weeks now.  I'm happy to report she LOVES it!  The first few days I made it rather soupy (because the box said so) and she would only eat about 1/2-3/4 of her cereal.

Then for whatever reason I decided to make it a little thicker the next time and she LOVED it!  She ate the whole thing.  So since that day I have made it thick.  She has really gotten the hang of it and I'm excited to start veggies!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Six Months

Harper here's what you have been up to:

-You weigh 14 pounds 13 ounces (27%)
-You are 25 inches long (24%)
-You are in size 2 diaper
-You are in 0-3 month clothes
-You eat every 3 hours during the day
-You are typically going to bed between 8p-9p and sleeping until 7a-8a
-You have found your voice and if we aren't paying attention to you (which isn't that often) you will scream and laugh really loud to get our attention.
-You still aren't rolling over, you have almost rolled from back to belly a few times
-You are smiling ALL the time.  You really are the happiest baby, we love it!!
-You still love your baths and you splash around like crazy and make a HUGE mess
-You are noticing people and faces more.  You saw your Aunt Ninna this weekend and you started to kick your legs and get excited to see her!  (which made her happy!)
-You went Trick or Treating for the first time and you sure did load up on candy! 
-You went to your first wedding and you were great!
-You experienced your first OSU Homecoming
-You met your Great Aunt Jan and Second Cousin Jannell from Kansas and your Aunt Karrie from Montana
-You went to your first High School football game with Aunt Amanda and Aunt Stephanie

You are really the happiest baby and we just love when you talk to us and the faces you make.  You get so excited to see your daddy when he comes home from work and it melts my heart.  I can't say enough great things about you, you are just such a happy baby.  Your daddy and I love you so much and you are definitely the center of our universe!

We love you sweet girl!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Halloween

This is a little overdue but we had a great Halloween.  The night before we went to my best friend Stephanie's church to their Fall Festival.  Yes, I know that Harper can not participate in the games but it was another chance for her to show off how cute she looked in her Ladybug costume!! 

This may sound silly but Halloween was exactly what I always hoped it would be.  We went to my friend Cara's neighborhood to start with and finished up with ours.  There were kids everywhere.  The weather was a perfect fall night.  The streets were filled with Mom's, Dad's, strollers, dogs, laughter and "Trick or Treating".  Just looking down the street I felt like I was on Wysteria Lane, everything was picture perfect.

I am excited to start traditions with Harper.  I love taking things from each of our childhoods and making them our own.  I look at Harpy and I realize we are so blessed to have her and she is all OURS!!  

We hope you all had a great Halloween!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

On Wednesday night we took Harper to the pumpkin patch out in Bixby.  Yes, it was a chilly night (and I now think she has a cold, oops).  But we had a great time!  Even though she can't walk, talk, crawl or sit up on her own it was great to spend an evening with family and start our holiday traditions.

Hope you all are enjoying the WONDERFUL weather we have been having!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

5 Months

Harper what are you up to at 5 Months?

-You weigh roughly 13(ish)lbs
-You are    inches long
-You are taking 4 1/2oz every 3 hours during the day
-You are sleeping through the night with the occasionally middle of the snack ;)
-You are still in Size 1 diapers
-You are in all 3mo clothes, there are a few NB shorts you are wearing since the weather is still warm
-You went to your first OSU Tailgate
-I just have to say your name and you flash the biggest smile my way.  You are smiling more and more at people that you really recognize.
-You have really started "coo-ing" the last 2 weeks.  If we "coo" at you, you just take off "talking" to us.  You don't babble just to babble yet.
-You have giggled only twice and we tried really hard to get you to do that!  But I at least got one of them on video :)
-Karrie, your Physical Therapist has really been impressed with your strength the last few sessions.
-You rolled over ONCE!!  You were so fast I couldn't get it on video!  We have been working so hard for you to do it luck :(
-We have been putting you in the bumbo more to work on your core body strength.
-The last several days you have been bringing toys to your mouth.  I have started giving you Huggies and you really grab on to her. :)

We are loving how active you are and responsive you have become.  We can't believe you entered our lives 5 months ago, it seems like you've been apart of our family forever.  We love you so much Peanut and can't wait for the next step!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Day in the Life...

   I got the idea from my friends Courtney and Tessa to do a Day in the Life.  If you read our day verses them we are pretty boring! :)

8:03am-Harper and I start our morning.  Warm her bottle, change her diaper, then its time for breakfast!
8:10am- Her bottle looks like this...

8:10-8:20am: Harper and I talk a little and I sit her up to let the milk digest in her belly
8:20am: We have some playmat time.  Harper talks to her friends Frog and Giraffe.

9:00am- We do a little tummy time while enjoying our daily dose of LIVE! With Regis and Kelly.  Regis was out today so Jerry O'Connell was the guest host.

9:45am- Harper started to get a little sleepy while doing tummy time so it was off to our morning nap!  **Harper has been having trouble with her napping abilities during the day, so we have found she needs to be swaddled.  But at night she just sleeps in her sleep sack**

9:55am: Karrie (Harper's PT) called and asked if 10:30 was a good time for her to come (she had to cancel yesterday, her son got sick at school).  Not wanting to wait another 2 weeks until our next PT appointment I said yes and quickly jumped in the shower, so I didn't look so disgusting when she came.

10:30am-11:30am: Karrie is here and we are working on getting Harper to roll over.  She will be back on the 27th so that is our goal (mom and dad's) is to have her roll over by then.

11:15am: Harper is STARVING!  So we break from PT to eat.

Noon: Harper goes down for a nap
Mom does these....  :(

12:00p-3:00p: Mom return's e-mails, inputs a Scentsy Order, puts all the 4oz bottles away (she is now taking 4.5oz), cleans up the rest of the kitchen, gets H's bag ready to spend the evening with Noni and Papa, catches up on the DVR.

3:00p: Harper wakes up (if you are keeping tabs she should've eaten at 2) but I let her sleep until she woke up herself.

3:10p: Downs another 4.5oz bottle.  Then its playmat time again.  Today Harper has really figured out that she can put things in her mouth.  She has been bringing her mouth to my thumb and wrist for a few days and she brings her Wubba Nub Animal to her mouth to chew on.

3:30p: UPS man brings these...Mommy is VERY excited about them!!

3:45p: Waiting on Aunt Ninna to come play.
4:20: We go with Aunt Ninna to pick up a few things then she drops Mommy off at the church to work from 5:30-9p.  Harper and Ninna go to Noni and Papa's to play.  

5:30-9:00p: Harper eats, plays, poops, sleeps, talks, coos, smiles and she plays with Nate.  Aunt Ninna and Nate are going to Austin for the OSU vs Texas game in the morning so she had lots of bonding time with them.  

10:00p: Daddy feeds Harper her last bottle.  Guess who is WIDE awake?!  If you guessed Michael, you are right!  

10:20p: Mom starts this post
10:30p: Mom makes a few bottles just in case we have a middle of the night feeding. She has been sleeping through the night for about 5 weeks now, but we occasionally have a middle of the night snack.
10:40p: Harper is still awake, Mom changes her diaper and puts Harper in bed.  Dad is already in bed.
10:50p: Harper is not having this lay in bed wide awake thing, so she talks to us to let her know she isn't havin' it!
11:00p: Mom comes to the rescue and rocks with Harper.
11:10p: Harper asleep
11:11p: Mom comes back to bed to finish this post and dad is snoring.
11:26p: Post DONE!
11:27p: Goodnight!