Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Halloween

This is a little overdue but we had a great Halloween.  The night before we went to my best friend Stephanie's church to their Fall Festival.  Yes, I know that Harper can not participate in the games but it was another chance for her to show off how cute she looked in her Ladybug costume!! 

This may sound silly but Halloween was exactly what I always hoped it would be.  We went to my friend Cara's neighborhood to start with and finished up with ours.  There were kids everywhere.  The weather was a perfect fall night.  The streets were filled with Mom's, Dad's, strollers, dogs, laughter and "Trick or Treating".  Just looking down the street I felt like I was on Wysteria Lane, everything was picture perfect.

I am excited to start traditions with Harper.  I love taking things from each of our childhoods and making them our own.  I look at Harpy and I realize we are so blessed to have her and she is all OURS!!  

We hope you all had a great Halloween!!

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