Tuesday, February 28, 2012

9 Months

I'm sorry, what did I just type?!  How are you 9 Months old?!

Here is what you are up to!
-You weight 17 pounds 12 oz (only gained 7oz from 8 months)
-You are 25 1/4 inches long
-You are in size 3 diapers
-You are still in 6 months clothes but we are going to be making the switch to 9 month clothes this weekend.
-You are in bed by 7/7:30 and up by 7 sometimes you'll 'sleep-in' until 7:30 or 8 (that is rare though!)
-You are eating yogurt for Breakfast; at 7oz bottle about 10/10:30; lunch at 12/12:30, which consist of deli turkey, a slice of cheese, half a banana, yogurt melts and some gerber cheese puffs (if we are at home I give you applesauce); for dinner you get a 3rd food dinner and fruit.
 -I've been giving you a sippy cup with water in it for a few months now.  I try every few bites to give it to you and you will suck once or twice and then let the water run out your mouth...you think this is SO funny!  Well Mommy pulled one over on you! I put a tiny hint of apple juice in your cup and it's like you can't get enough.  You are definitely your momma's daughter.
-You celebrated your first Valentine's Day!  You got a book and a new Wubbanub.
-You are playing with all your toys, you are so interested in what they all do!  Noni bought you a little kitchen and you absolutely LOVE it!  It makes so much noise and every time you touch any part of it, it sings.  You just giggle!

-You think that kids are the funniest thing.  Chloe and Carsyn really get you going.  Carsyn is so sweet to you and he always tells you bye and wants to give you a kiss and hug.  Chloe is such a good big sister, she is ALWAYS playing with you, talking to you and she makes you giggle the most!
-You are noticing Gizmo more and more.  He is only interested in you when you have food (go figure!) or a dirty diaper :)

 -You are SO close to crawling!  You will reach far for a toy and flip yourself to your belly and then you get on your hands and knees and then you freeze!  It's like you get stage fright and don't know what to do next!  I bet by 10 months you are crawling!
-You are saying 'dada' and a few (very few) times we've heard 'mama'.
-You have gotten 4 RSV shots and you will get one more in March and you will be done.  I sure hope that the sickies are gone!!  They have been ramped this year and I am praising God you have been so healthy.

We are just loving all the new things you are doing.  We can't believe we are close to celebrating your first birthday, that is hard to say without a lump in my throat.  Sweet Harper we are blessed beyond words and we are so lucky God has chose us to be your parents.

Love you!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Day

Harper hopes you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  She got a Caterpillar Wubbanub, book and a swing from Noni and Papa.

Hope you felt loved today!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

March for Babies

April 28, 2012 our family will particiate in our first ever March of Dimes, March for Babies walk.  We are very passionate about this subject and we hope you will help us reach our goal of $500.

To make a donation, visit my personal Web page at
Please feel free to pass this website onto anyone and everyone you know!  We would love to reach our goal and beyond!

Here is a letter we e-mailed our to our family and friends.

Michael, Harper and myself are teaming up with some friends to walk in the March for Babies and raising money because we care about healthy babies. As most of you know this cause is very near and dear to our hearts!  We want EVERY baby to have the perfect positive outcome that Harper had.  I know this cause is important to you, too.  Can you help us reach our goal by making a donation to Harper's walk? It’s easy, just click through to my fundraising page.

Your gift supports March of Dimes research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And it’s used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

You can make a secure donation with your credit card, or, if you prefer, cash or a check is fine, too.

Thank you for your support!

If you would like to join us on the walk please let me know!!  We would LOVE to have all of the people who prayed for us during Harper's stay in the NICU, walk with us!

Michael, Heather and Harper

Sunday, February 5, 2012

8 Months

My dear sweet Harper,

I can't believe we will be celebrating your 1st Birthday in 4 short months.  I remember the day you were born, your first birthday seemed light years away.  I love the stage you are in (I do wish you were crawling though, which I know I'll be eating my words when you do) you are so interactive.  You truly are the happiest baby!!!

Here are a few things your up to these days:

-You weight 17lbs 5 oz.
-I'm not sure how long...I forgot to measure you :/
-You are sleeping from 7/8p-7/730a (you are a GREAT sleeper!!)
-You are on your last half package of size 2 diapers, we are moving to 3's probably this week
-You are down to 3 bottles a day...6oz each (Morning, After nap and before bed)
-You are eating a Veggie & Fruit at lunch and a Meat dinner with a fruit.
-You are drinking from a sippy cup..sorta :)
-You are mastering the art of getting those darn puffs of your tray
-You are eating in your highchair and you love it
-Your hair is getting darker and thicker on top
-You are sitting up a lot better, but still can't catch yourself if you fall back
-You are reacting to us if we make faces at you, you either laugh or try to mimic us
-You get SO excited to see me!  You just smile, wave your arms and get all excited (I secretly LOVE it), you do it when your daddy comes home too.
-I thought you were starting to cut teeth but so far none yet
-You are really noticing Gizmo lately
-You are in a Big Girl car seat (facing backwards, of course) you just stare out the window (your dad and I think you're saying in your mind 'man this is what I've been missin' by being in that carrier')
-You have eaten Green Beans, Peas, Carrots, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Pears, Peaches, Bananas, Apples and Mango.  So far I think Carrots and Banana's are your favorite.
-You are talking more and more and you said 'dada' but I think it was just a fluke :)
-You're still NOT rolling over!

We love you so much!!  You are the light of our lives and we are head over heels for you!
Happy 8 Months our sweet Harpy!