Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Mania

It has been a busy Easter filled last few days!  Harper had an egg hunt at school, then we had friends over on Friday to dye eggs and had a little egg hunt, then we went to church on Saturday morning and hunted eggs again!  Needless to say Harper is GREAT at hunting eggs!!

I collaged all the events together so you didn't have to scroll through a million're welcome


The Easter Bunny was good to Harpy!  She got two coloring books, crayons, bubble bath, stickers a Minnie Mouse cup and an Abby Cadabby bath book.  She loved everything!  She kept saying Elmo, Minnie, stiker, cayons!  Needless to say she loved her basket! 

Happy Birthday Ninna!

Well my baby sister turned 22 on March 27th.  My mom, Harper and I drove to Stillwater to have dinner with her and the family she nanny's.

My sister is great with kids and they sure do love her.  Even though Harper doesn't get to see her very often she sure does love her when she is around!  They have the same personality and will get in screaming matches with each other, yes screaming :)  Ahh, Auntie/Niece love!

 The family Hanna works for couldn't wait until Graduation to give her, her birthday/graduation present!  I think she likes it....

Yep, my spoiled sister got herself a Louie!  In the words of my sister "I am SO ready for Dallas!"

Happy Birthday Sester!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

22 Months

Woa!  in 2 months we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday!  That I can't believe!

I have to say it is a shame that you have no personality, sass or flare.  ;-)

Measurement wise I don't think much has changed, but vocabulary wise...holy cow!  You are talking all the time.  You are pointing things out and naming them.  Chair, table, bed, bath tub.  You are also starting to name people, Eryn (it kind of sounds like Amen), Manda (Reagie's mom), Ju-we (Julie), Sue-Sue (both Aunt Susan's).  I think they all love you know who they are now :)

This month really has been all about your vocabulary.  You just talk and tell us stories non stop and I'll be honest and say, I love it :)  You will say "I nap" "I walking" "Come sit" "Let's Go!""Watch Nemo?' "Bless You" "What dat" "My Mommy!" "I get you!"

The time change has not be pleasant for us at bed time...I think this picture sums up what are mornings are like.

You do this funny thing we call "squeeze".  You were dancing around and Hanna said "OH MY GOSH I JUST WANT TO SQUEEZE YOU (while her fists were clinched) and now if we saw "SQUEEZE" you will clinch your fists and grit your's seriously SO funny! 

You love playing Elmo and watching Mickey on the ipad.  We try not to let you have a lot of screen time but I do have to say Elmo is helping you learn to recognize your letters.  You still love reading books!  You love books with animals, Mickey, Minnie or Elmo.

 We just love you pieces and are so proud of all you are learning, absorbing, doing and saying!  


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Deep and Wide

You sing 24/7.  You will sing yourself to sleep sometime if you're not that tired.  You were singing "Deep and Wide" and I got the camera out and you got shy.  You are only doing the motions here but you will sing "Deep, Wide, Deep, Wide"  It seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


A few weeks ago we got some really great snow!!  Harper has never really seen snow, so she wasn't to sure.  Before school it was a little heavy and made her hair wet, but she didn't mind it to much.

Then after school Aunt SueSue want to build a snowman and this was your reaction to being out in the snow....

 Eh, maybe next time she'll enjoy it!

21 Months

This post is late!  I have had the pictures uploaded for about 2 weeks now but just haven't had time to sit and write.

-You weigh 24.4 lbs (34%)
-You are 33.2 inches long (63%)
-You are still in a size 3 diaper
-In a size 4 shoe (finally!)

-You are still a great sleeper.  The only times you wake up are when you are cutting teeth, which I can only imagine hurt!
-Still loving swim!  My goal is to have you in Minnows (which is the next class up, where mommy just observes) by the Fall.  I think you'll be ready in 5 months, I hope!
-You are still loving school, your teachers say you know all of your colors, but if we ask you at home you just point and say something.  So I'm guessing you'll tell us on your own time :)

-You are just the funniest little kid.  You will get shy around certain people and then others you just talk and talk and show-off.  
-We may be biased but we think you are pretty smart.  You know lots of animals and their sounds, you know where all of your toys go.  You will read a book once or twice and have most of the pages memorized and know what's coming on the next page.
-You know the remote will work the TV and you bring it to us and say "bup bup, pupies" that means you want to watch Bubble Guppies, we have 30 recorded, its your favorite!

-When you are playing on your own you will pick up puzzle pieces or toys and say "1, 2, 3, 4, ALL DONE!"  Sometimes you'll count all the way to 10.
-You sing ALL the time!  You are currently loving "Wheels on the Bus" "No more monkey's jumping on the bed" "Twinkle Twinkle" "Bitsy" (Itsy Bitsy Spider) "Deep and Wide"

-You love to get the scale in our bathroom and weigh yourself
-You love to play "Elmo" and "Farm" on the iPad.  You also like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well.
-You went to a Valentine's Tea Party with your friends and made a wand.  
-You gave out Valentine's to your friends at school.

-You are getting finicky with your food.  You will eat meat (chicken, turkey, hot dogs, etc) every couple of days.  But you'll eat fruit and applesauce like it's going out of style!
-You know several body parts.  Head, eyes, ears, hair, nose, teeth, tongue, lips, cheek, chin, elbow, tummy, fingers, toes and booty.

-You are actually starting to put sentences together.  You'll say things like: 
"I get you!" 
"I keen up" 
 "Help me pease"
 "Oh, no! Happen?"
 If you bonk your head or 'get hurt' you will touch where it hurts and say "Op, bonk!" 
"I sawy"(I sorry)
"Sit pease" (this is when you want us to come play with you)
"Paci pease"
"cos me" (excuse me)
"I jump"
"Oh my bow!"
"Oh no!" (when you dump your blocks or puzzle)

I really feel like this month you starting talking more and more.  You are really growing up into a little person :)  We love you to pieces!!