Tuesday, March 19, 2013

22 Months

Woa!  in 2 months we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday!  That I can't believe!

I have to say it is a shame that you have no personality, sass or flare.  ;-)

Measurement wise I don't think much has changed, but vocabulary wise...holy cow!  You are talking all the time.  You are pointing things out and naming them.  Chair, table, bed, bath tub.  You are also starting to name people, Eryn (it kind of sounds like Amen), Manda (Reagie's mom), Ju-we (Julie), Sue-Sue (both Aunt Susan's).  I think they all love you know who they are now :)

This month really has been all about your vocabulary.  You just talk and tell us stories non stop and I'll be honest and say, I love it :)  You will say "I nap" "I walking" "Come sit" "Let's Go!""Watch Nemo?' "Bless You" "What dat" "My Mommy!" "I get you!"

The time change has not be pleasant for us at bed time...I think this picture sums up what are mornings are like.

You do this funny thing we call "squeeze".  You were dancing around and Hanna said "OH MY GOSH I JUST WANT TO SQUEEZE YOU (while her fists were clinched) and now if we saw "SQUEEZE" you will clinch your fists and grit your teeth...it's seriously SO funny! 

You love playing Elmo and watching Mickey on the ipad.  We try not to let you have a lot of screen time but I do have to say Elmo is helping you learn to recognize your letters.  You still love reading books!  You love books with animals, Mickey, Minnie or Elmo.

 We just love you pieces and are so proud of all you are learning, absorbing, doing and saying!  


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