Friday, July 29, 2011

Splish Splash Harper loves the bath!

I feel like we are very lucky that Harper really loves bath time. She however does NOT like the initial merge into the water, but when she gets her little Tummy Towel on she calms down. I bet if I let her just lay in there for about 2 or 3 mins she would fall asleep. It is very relaxing to her. Her bath tub has bubbles and a little sprayer. I have yet to use them because she still scares easily and I don't want to over stimulate her, just yet. I will make sure to video when I do turn them on for the first time. :-)

Happy splashing!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

2 Months

Harper Jane you are Two Months old today. Which blows our minds because my due date is still a week and a half away!!

Here's what you have been up to:
-You weight 5lbs 11oz (you are still not on the charts!)
-You are 19 inches long
-You are still in Preemie Swaddler diapers
-You are eating 2 1/2 oz roughly every 3 hours (I think a growth spurt is coming)
-You got your first round of shots last week and you cried so hard and I felt terrible!!!
-You had your eyes checked again (great report!)
-You are still sleeping in our room.
-You are still wearing Preemie outfits but they are a little snug so you sometimes wear newborn but I feel like it swallows you!
-You had your first Play date with Noah! (you slept right through it)
-Still your favorite place to sleep is on our chests (you are a belly sleeper)

Your dad and I are smitten with you! You are becoming more and more alert and we love it!! We love having you home and getting to snuggle you all the time! We are very lucky that god chose us to be your parents!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sip N' See

Michael and I are pretty blessed to have such amazing sisters.

Since Little Miss came early we never had a family baby shower. Well our creative sisters got together and planned a Sip N' See! There was everything from Mimosa's, to mini cupcakes, fruit and huge sugar cookies!

It was a come and go so no one felt like they had to stay and they could fit it into their saturday afternoon schedule!

Here are a few pictures from Harper's first party! (if this is a foreshadow as to what her 1st birthday will be like...i'm in for it!)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day from our family to yours!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

"It feels like home to me"

Last Sunday when Dr. Anderson was doing his rounds he told us that he was going on vacation for 9 days and didn't expect to see us here when he got back. Michael and I just squeezed each other's hands in the hopes we would be bringing our little girl home within the week!!

I spent everyday from 8a to midnight in her room, being there for every feeding was very important to me. Harper was lucky enough to have all of her favorite nurses her last week in the NICU.

Sweet Sarah, was her very first nurse the day she was born. Come to find out Sarah's dad works with my dad. Sarah not only loved on Harper when we couldn't be there but she also kept me company when I spent all day everyday in her room. Thanks Sarah for all you did!

Kodi was the calming voice I heard on the other end of the line when I called in the middle of the night after you were born. I had this gut feeling something was wrong. Boy, was I had just been taken off the vent!!! Kodi always gave you extra love and attention at night when dad and I couldn't be there! Oh and Kodi always made sure you looked cute and had a matching bow! :)
I totally forgot to get a picture with Jenna. She was kinda busy being in charge and admitting babies, but don't worry we will see LOTS of Jenna! Just like Sarah and Kodi, Jenna has also been there from the beginning. When I found out you were coming and coming via C-Section I asked Jenna to be there. I knew that no matter what happened Jenna would make Harper #1 and be sure that they did everything possible for Harper and her survival. It was very hard to watch them take her away from me but knowing that Jenna was right by her side was very comforting. Its almost as if she took over as your mom!

Friday morning came and we got the phone call, "Guess who gets to go home today?!" Michael and I raced around getting ready and making sure we had everything we needed to bring you home!
We were beyond thrilled to finally be able to have you at home, but we were sure going to miss the wonderful Nurses and Doctors. I'm not sure anyone can fully understand the love those NICU nurses have until you actually experience it first hand. They really do love their job. They act as parents to babies whose parents can't visit as often as we did, they are our advocates and they make sure that we fully understand everything that goes on!

When it was finally our turn to walk out the doors of 503 and the Children's Hospital, we made sure Harper did it in style!!!

We are home and trying to adjust to our new "normal". Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and for Harper. One day she will personally thank you!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Father's Day

Our Father's Day was very low key. We spent the day just sitting in Harper's hospital room telling ourselves how lucky we are that she is here and she is healthy. Of course we held her and loved on her.

Harper is such a sweet little girl, she knew exactly what her daddy wanted... A Diaper Dude's diaper bag! Once we found out we were having a girl Michael immediately starting searching for HIS diaper bag, he needed his own (so he says!). So Harper got online and ordered it for him! Here is the one he picked out...