Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Ninna!

Well my baby sister turned 22 on March 27th.  My mom, Harper and I drove to Stillwater to have dinner with her and the family she nanny's.

My sister is great with kids and they sure do love her.  Even though Harper doesn't get to see her very often she sure does love her when she is around!  They have the same personality and will get in screaming matches with each other, yes screaming :)  Ahh, Auntie/Niece love!

 The family Hanna works for couldn't wait until Graduation to give her, her birthday/graduation present!  I think she likes it....

Yep, my spoiled sister got herself a Louie!  In the words of my sister "I am SO ready for Dallas!"

Happy Birthday Sester!

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