Monday, October 17, 2011

5 Months

Harper what are you up to at 5 Months?

-You weigh roughly 13(ish)lbs
-You are    inches long
-You are taking 4 1/2oz every 3 hours during the day
-You are sleeping through the night with the occasionally middle of the snack ;)
-You are still in Size 1 diapers
-You are in all 3mo clothes, there are a few NB shorts you are wearing since the weather is still warm
-You went to your first OSU Tailgate
-I just have to say your name and you flash the biggest smile my way.  You are smiling more and more at people that you really recognize.
-You have really started "coo-ing" the last 2 weeks.  If we "coo" at you, you just take off "talking" to us.  You don't babble just to babble yet.
-You have giggled only twice and we tried really hard to get you to do that!  But I at least got one of them on video :)
-Karrie, your Physical Therapist has really been impressed with your strength the last few sessions.
-You rolled over ONCE!!  You were so fast I couldn't get it on video!  We have been working so hard for you to do it luck :(
-We have been putting you in the bumbo more to work on your core body strength.
-The last several days you have been bringing toys to your mouth.  I have started giving you Huggies and you really grab on to her. :)

We are loving how active you are and responsive you have become.  We can't believe you entered our lives 5 months ago, it seems like you've been apart of our family forever.  We love you so much Peanut and can't wait for the next step!

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