Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Day in the Life...

   I got the idea from my friends Courtney and Tessa to do a Day in the Life.  If you read our day verses them we are pretty boring! :)

8:03am-Harper and I start our morning.  Warm her bottle, change her diaper, then its time for breakfast!
8:10am- Her bottle looks like this...

8:10-8:20am: Harper and I talk a little and I sit her up to let the milk digest in her belly
8:20am: We have some playmat time.  Harper talks to her friends Frog and Giraffe.

9:00am- We do a little tummy time while enjoying our daily dose of LIVE! With Regis and Kelly.  Regis was out today so Jerry O'Connell was the guest host.

9:45am- Harper started to get a little sleepy while doing tummy time so it was off to our morning nap!  **Harper has been having trouble with her napping abilities during the day, so we have found she needs to be swaddled.  But at night she just sleeps in her sleep sack**

9:55am: Karrie (Harper's PT) called and asked if 10:30 was a good time for her to come (she had to cancel yesterday, her son got sick at school).  Not wanting to wait another 2 weeks until our next PT appointment I said yes and quickly jumped in the shower, so I didn't look so disgusting when she came.

10:30am-11:30am: Karrie is here and we are working on getting Harper to roll over.  She will be back on the 27th so that is our goal (mom and dad's) is to have her roll over by then.

11:15am: Harper is STARVING!  So we break from PT to eat.

Noon: Harper goes down for a nap
Mom does these....  :(

12:00p-3:00p: Mom return's e-mails, inputs a Scentsy Order, puts all the 4oz bottles away (she is now taking 4.5oz), cleans up the rest of the kitchen, gets H's bag ready to spend the evening with Noni and Papa, catches up on the DVR.

3:00p: Harper wakes up (if you are keeping tabs she should've eaten at 2) but I let her sleep until she woke up herself.

3:10p: Downs another 4.5oz bottle.  Then its playmat time again.  Today Harper has really figured out that she can put things in her mouth.  She has been bringing her mouth to my thumb and wrist for a few days and she brings her Wubba Nub Animal to her mouth to chew on.

3:30p: UPS man brings these...Mommy is VERY excited about them!!

3:45p: Waiting on Aunt Ninna to come play.
4:20: We go with Aunt Ninna to pick up a few things then she drops Mommy off at the church to work from 5:30-9p.  Harper and Ninna go to Noni and Papa's to play.  

5:30-9:00p: Harper eats, plays, poops, sleeps, talks, coos, smiles and she plays with Nate.  Aunt Ninna and Nate are going to Austin for the OSU vs Texas game in the morning so she had lots of bonding time with them.  

10:00p: Daddy feeds Harper her last bottle.  Guess who is WIDE awake?!  If you guessed Michael, you are right!  

10:20p: Mom starts this post
10:30p: Mom makes a few bottles just in case we have a middle of the night feeding. She has been sleeping through the night for about 5 weeks now, but we occasionally have a middle of the night snack.
10:40p: Harper is still awake, Mom changes her diaper and puts Harper in bed.  Dad is already in bed.
10:50p: Harper is not having this lay in bed wide awake thing, so she talks to us to let her know she isn't havin' it!
11:00p: Mom comes to the rescue and rocks with Harper.
11:10p: Harper asleep
11:11p: Mom comes back to bed to finish this post and dad is snoring.
11:26p: Post DONE!
11:27p: Goodnight!

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