Saturday, December 24, 2011

7 Months

Every month I say it...You are growing up to fast!

Here's what you are up to:

-You weight roughly 16lbs 10oz (give or take a few oz)
-You still wear size 2 diapers
-You are in 3-6 mo clothes, some 6 mo clothes are still big!
-You are drinking 6oz of formula with cereal at lunch and a veggie at dinner.
-We started veggies the first of December and you have eaten Green Beans, Peas and Carrots.  You have loved them all but carrots seem to be your favorite.
-You are sleeping from 9/930p-6a then you drink a bottle and go back to bed for about 3 hours (on the days mommy doesn't have to be anywhere it is blissful!!) :)  I'm hoping once we start eating more and more food you will sleep longer.
-You still have NO interest in rolling over :/
-You are sitting up more and more everyday.  You still don't have totally trunk control but I think that will come in the next few weeks (you are much happier when you are sitting up playing with toys)
-You put EVERYTHING in your mouth!!
-You celebrated your first Thanksgiving and your GiGi's 90th Birthday.
-You are talking a lot these days.  You really screech from the back of your throat and have lots to say when you are getting your diaper changed or laying on your mat.
-You still pretty much fall asleep in the car whenever we go anywhere, whether you have just woken up from a nap or not you are a car snoozer!
-We bought you a big girl car seat on Cyber Monday, but I think your head is still too small and I don't want it to just bounce around in your new seat so we will save it and maybe in a month or so we will upgrade you!
-Still loving bath time (you have pooped in the bath twice!!)  It's really gross!!!

Oh Harper, I really can't say enough great things about you.  You are such a happy baby.  Every where we go people say how good you are and you seem to be so happy.  It's the truth!  You are only fussy if your tired or hungry, but hey who isn't!  We love you so much and can't wait to see what you'll do next!

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