Saturday, June 23, 2012

Memorial Day

I guess Memorial Day Eve and Memorial Day were the busiest for us! :)

Harper comes to church on Sunday's but she only stays for one service since Michael and I are there until 1pm and that is just to long for her.  Our mom's, with the occasional Aunt thrown in there, come and pick Harper up about 10:30 and bring her home.  If she stays the whole time she won't take a morning nap, which doesn't make for a fun Harpy! :)  

This Sunday was my mom's Sunday. They came home played, had lunch and watered the plants.  Then it was off to a Sunday Afternoon drive.  My mom, grandma Janie and I used to do these ALL the time when I was in Middle School.  My friend Amanda and her husband have moved back from Wichita Falls and are currently living with her parents and their 5 month old.  They just purchased a house in Skiatook so we took a drive out there to see it!  Then we jaunted over to Owasso to give my Aunt some candles; my cousin is getting married this Saturday.  
Luckily Harper took her afternoon nap on our drive :)  After we got home, mom and I fired up (well blew up  used the neighbors air compressor) and opened he swimming season at the Horton Household!  Harper had a great time!!

Monday my sweet friend Cara's (or CiCi has Harper will call her) little boy had a birthday...he is NINE!  He is such a sweet boy, but watch yourself, he's got a spunk to him ;)  He requested a candle in everything...he wanted to make LOTS of wishes!  Happy 9th Birthday Clayton James!!

While Savannah, CiCi and I painted Harper's bathroom, Chloe and Carsyn played in the sprinkler.  It was rather hot, but Chloe loved it!!

After finishing the bathroom, we decided to reward ourselves and take a dip in the pool!  We are members of an athletic club (really it's just a Golf Membership, Harper and I just get the perks of the pool)  :)  The water felt so good and it was not crowded at all, it was wonderful!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!!

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