Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dinner Entertainment

No one can make her laugh like her daddy!


  1. what a cute video!!! Sloane loves putting her hand in my mouth, ha!

    Isn't it a small world?? Brent's sister dated Josh pretty seriously for a while! They lived in Dallas when he went on Pop Stars...and won!

    Where in Tulsa do you live??

    1. Harper does too and I always say "momma" so hopefully she'll start saying it on a routine basis...has yet to happen! :-/

      Small world! Wait, I think I know your SIL, I grew up at Asbury. Did she go to Jenks? I think I remember them dating now that you say that! Oh yes, I was a Popstars watcher!! ;-)

      Well technically I live in BA, out by the high school.

      I'll be honest I have followed your blog since you were pregnant with sweet Cohen. I've been to shy to comment (which is so not like me). Knox & Sloane are so adorable!!

      I'm definately getting Harper one of Cohen's headband when they come back!