Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here's to friendship!!

Last weekend Amanda and I and our mom's hosted a shower for Stephanie and Baby Ellie.  Stephanie and I have been friends for 17 years!  We met in the 3rd grade when we moved into the house my parents currently live in.  She was the first person I met when I got on the bus and showed me the ropes at good 'ole Francis Scott Key Elementary!  Lucky for me Stephanie lived about 5 blocks away from me!  Who doesn't love when their best friend lives within walking distance!?  I need to find some "from the beginning pictures" of Steph and I for your viewing pleasure!  

Stephanie and I have been through it all.  New siblings, the drama of High School, boyfriends, broken hearts, dances, going to rival colleges, weddings, new houses and now BABIES!!!  I was so excited when Stephanie and her husband Ben called me in August and told me they were pregnant!  I was jumping up and down with joy (i've only been asking her for the last year and a half when she was going to give me a niece or nephew!).   Well it has finally happened they are having baby!  Steph is actually due here in the next few weeks!  I am anxiously awaiting Ellie's arrival!  I'll definitely post when she is born.

Here are a few pictures of her shower:

Steph, Baby Ellie & I

Hostesses with Steph & Grandma to be!

Grandma's to be and Steph!

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