Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Last Wednesday Michael and I took Harper to Preschool to meet her teachers, Miss Alma and Miss Ashlea.  I used to work at the preschool so I actually knew one of her teachers.  I work at our church (Asbury) and they have a Weekday Preschool that we enrolled Harper in this year.  She is going two days a weeks on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Michael came to meet the teacher because on her first day of school I have to work also so he would just leave J

I am very lucky to have free childcare for Harper on Mondays and Tuesday’s 9-12 so I can get several things done at work then pick her up, she has lunch and then down for a nap.  My office mate Amanda has a little girl, Reagan who is 6 weeks younger than Harper.  Harper and Reagan are going to be in the same class and I am excited because they are the ONLY 2 girls (out of 12) there are 10 boys.  A set of twins (I used to babysit for), a few younger siblings of kids I had taught in Pre-K a few years ago, a few boys from her Sunday school class and a little boy whose mommy went to High School with Michael.

As you can tell by these pictures Harper is loving all the things in her new room.  There is a kitchen for her to pull EVERYTHING off the shelves and out of the cabinets, ride on the rocking toys, attempt to climb the slide and reading books in the library area.  We are working on ‘nice hands’ and I sure hope that she does when school starts on Wednesday.

So far I’m not the weeping mom about her going to school…but it’s only Sunday.  I’ll let you know on Wednesday at 9:35am J

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