Friday, September 7, 2012

15 Months

I feel like you have really grown up these last 30 days.  You are talking so much more, you are so animated and just so happy!

-You weigh 22.4 pounds
-You are still in size 3 diaper
-You wear 12 month clothes
-You are 30 1/4 inches long
-You talk A LOT!!  Dada, Dog, Momma, No, Uh-oh, Done, Thank You, Nana and you just jabber and jabber and I don't really understand most of it but you sure do have a lot to say.
-You give high fives, you are pointing to more things, you throw your paci's out of your crib (every night)
Chloe's Birthday at Build A Bear

Stuffing your bear


Loving your new classroom!

Looks like we will be getting you a kitchen for Christmas!

You are....

 WALKING!!!  Not all the time but about 70% of the time.  You are working on sit-to-stand

 You are into....

You have 4 1/2 teeth (see the one poking through?)

 You love to...

 You can sign...

 You and Gizmo LOVE to look out the front door and see who all is driving and walking by

 You can...
Close the door

We love you Harpy girl and you make us laugh everyday!  

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