Thursday, September 27, 2012

16 Months

Well I have to say, this is a first...I'm blogging while you are in the bathtub :) *You are not by yourself, I'm sitting right here*

I feel like you have changed a LOT this month.  You are everywhere!  Literally everywhere, into everything and at times I find myself getting frustrated then I think back and how I longed for you to eat 1/2 tsp of breast milk (yes, a 1/2 tsp) and then I am quickly reminded you are our miracle!


You probably weight just under 23 pounds.  You are still in a size 3 diaper and 12 month clothes.  You are now finally in a size 3 shoe!  Which you have been wearing every day and are doing so great in them!  You are talking all the time.  Your new words are Monkey (followed by "OO-OO"), open, puppy, up, Abby (this one is new), woof-woof, baa baa and nigh-nigh (night-night).

You still only have 5 teeth.  We are brushing your teeth every night before bed and you LOVE it!  You know out routine and you will go to the bathroom and stand.  When you are ready for bed you will say "nigh-nigh" and head to your room, that's when we know you are tired!
Your first taste of a popsicle!  Cici has her wisdom teeth out and she stayed with us for  a few days of rest and she shared her popsicle with you!
You are still loving school!  Your teachers kept marking 'Helpful' on your daily take home sheet and then we noticed you would start cleaning up your toys at home!  This school thing is paying off ;)
You are really turning into a toddler, if you have something you're not supposed to (the remote, our phones) we will ask you for it and you will say "No, No" and run the other direction!  :/
Little had her baby shower for "Baby A" at Pawnee Bill Ranch in her hometown of Pawnee, OK.

You have stayed pretty healthy these last few months.  You have had some allergy problems but you are taking Zyrtec everyday so it's helping.  Poor girl, going to be like your daddy.
First taste of cookie dough :)

It just amazes me to look at you and see you growing up.  I remember the days we would rock in your NICU room and I would wonder when you would crawl, walk and talk.  Would you be delayed?  Would you have long term effects?  Would you stay small your whole life?  
You have really figured out how to ride your dinosaur here the last few days!

One thing I know is that after you were born I have never prayed for something so hard in my life.  You are the answer to my prayers. 

I LOVE this smile!

You love to give kisses!  And I will take them as long as you are giving them :)

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