Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Patch trip to Carmichael's was a windy one this year!  Last year it was SO cold, you can read about it here.

This year we went with Ellaire and Chloe.  It was fun to watch you run around and try to keep up with them, try to climb on the pumpkins and pick them up just like Ellarie.  

Chloe is such a good 'big sister' to you.  I hope and pray someday that you two become great friends and that you are as good of a big sister to your sibling(s) someday. I said some day, people!

It was so funny because every time you picked (or tried to) pick up a pumpkin you would grunt and say "uhhhh" like it was the heaviest thing you've ever picked up in your life.  You now do it with everything!  You picked up daddy's iPad and grunted, you bent over and picked up your cup; grunted!

I was impressed that you were not afraid to pet the animals, you even let a few of the goats and sheep eat out of your hands.  As Mysha said "You're not a scardy baby!"

You sure are the apple of our eyes.  We love you to pieces and can't get enough of you!!  

Happy Carving!


  1. Harper is SO cute! And the pic of the girls hugging in the wagon couldn't be sweeter!

  2. Hi there! I ran across your blog at "This Wonderful Life" I have a Harper as well!! (boy) You have a beautiful family.

    Newest follower :) Hope you will stop by!