Monday, October 22, 2012

17 Months

I figured at this point I'd know exactly what to say, but you are changing SO much it's so hard to remember everything, so here goes my memory! (hopefully I took my ginko biloba!)

We weighted you on our scale and it said 22.6 pounds.
You wear a size 3 shoe, size 3 diaper and 12-18 month clothes.  But some shirts I can get away with 
6-9 months :)
You have really shown an interest in using a fork, we have really worked on it the last few weeks and you are starting to get the hang of it.

You are running everywhere!  You don't ever want to be held, you want to be down and walk, you want to do it on your own.  Not sure where the Miss Independent comes from ;)

You are LOVING school.  You walk in and just start playing, occasionally you'll shed a tear but a wubba nub or animal cracker dries them right up!

You are really surprising me with the things you are picking up.  It was like over night that you knew like 3 different animal noises.  Currently you know: Dog, Cat, Cow, Monkey, Sheep/Lamb, Lion, Horse, Duck, Dinosaur (which is really the same as Lion)  We are working on Pig and Frog 

Your facial expressions are seriously to die for!  I wish that Big Brother really existed becuase I would love to show people some of the faces you make during the day.

Auntie Susan (neighbor) has really wanted you to learn 'touchdown' (put your arms up and say TOUCHDOWN) We worked on it for a week or so and at first you would look at us and give us this 'you guys are freaking crazy and you want me to do and say what?!' look on your face!

You are becoming a little love to get into things and do things you know you aren't supposed to and when we say "no, no" or "Harper don't do that please" you will pull the towel down super fast and run off or grab the remote and run like the wind.  You. Are. Becoming. A. Toddler.

You have 3 teeth on top (I feel like the 4th tooth has been just showing us the tip for like 2 weeks!)  you have 2 bottom teeth, no others insight and your 4 18-month molars!  Those came through in like 2 days and the only thing you did was wake up in the middle of the night a few times.  Then they popped up!

When we ask for hugs you run to us like someone is chasing you and fall into our arms!  It's so funny and quite cute; but then again I am quite biased!

You are loving the Bubble Guppies!  You watch it every morning while having breakfast and when it comes on you get this look of embarrassment and excitement!!
You have figured out how to ride your dinosaur toy backwards, working on forwards.
You are walking up steps with ease (well crawling up them) but coming down stairs is another story! :)
When we drop you off on Sunday mornings, you cry.  I hate it.  I know that you are okay and you'll have fun in 2 minutes but I absolutely hate it!

Still loving swim lessons!  You are not kicking or rowing, but I am trying to work really hard with you on these two things.  I'm hoping it will come by Christmas.  

We bought you a toothbrush and you LOVE to brush your teeth.  Daddy or I brush them for you then you 'brush' them.  It's not a pleasant scene when we take the toothbrush away, but that's okay because bed time is after you brush your teeth! :)

This picture I love, you love to read books or bookie as you call them.  I was standing in the kitchen last week putting the dishes away and you were playing.  You came up behind me repeating "bookie, bookie, bookie" and I turned around and you were holding a book and you signed "please".  I mean seriously?  How do you say no to that?  So we sat down and you had me read like 15 books; I use the term read loosely.  

Oh Harpy girl, every month I rave about how good you are and I just love you to pieces!  You give the best kisses and hugs and as long as your giving them out I'll take them!!  I can't believe at Thanksgiving we will be 6 months until you are 2! That is so unreal!!!  It is just so amazing to look at you and see what an amazing thing God has given us.  You are a pistol but we love ya!!

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