Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little is having...

My adorable little and her hubby are expecting a baby in October and they had a Gender Reveal Party and celebrated their 5th Wedding Anniversary all with the people they love!
My little Ashley and her Husband Adam

Everyone had to wear pink or blue depending on what you though the sex of the baby was.  Obviously Harper and I wore Pink because we WANTED it to be a girl :)

We had dinner and fellow-shipped with their families and other friends.  I was hot but it was fun seeing everyone get excited about finding out what the baby was.  After dinner they passed out these cute little fortune cookies that sealed the babies gender.  I was so excited, I was like a 5 year old on Christmas!  On the count of 3 we all busted into out cookies to see this...

GIRL!!!  They are having a precious little girl!  They are not telling her name until she is born (which I hate, it's killing me!!  I want to put her name on everything I see!!!)  I do know that her name will start with an A, and her middle name is Renee.  So I know her initials but that's it.

I am so excited for them, my little is the most kind, caring, loving individual I know.  They have had a rough go with getting pregnant so it's safe to say this baby is going to be spoiled! :)


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