Sunday, July 1, 2012

Father's Day

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Everyone says "My Husband is the Best"  "He is the best dad EVER!"  and i agree with all those statements but I have to add ...for your family.  Because yes my husband is the best...for our family and he really is the best dad our daughter.  :)

Michael was born to be a dad.  Long ago (10 years to be exact) when we starting dating I was the babysitting QUEEN.  I would babysit on Friday and Saturday nights and Michael would come with me, it starting getting to the point where the kids wouldn't let me come without Michael.  He was always playing with them, whether it be legos, barbies, playdough, riding bikes, etc. you name it he would do it.  For me it was like a glimpse into our future. ;)

When we found out we were pregnant Michael secretly wanted a girl.  But we both were FOR SURE we were having a boy.  When 20 weeks came around and we saw the "taco" we were beyond excited we were getting our little girl.  I'm sure boys are fun too, but we love having a girl!  From the moment she was born he has not left Harper's side.  When they took her out of my belly he was in smitten.  He made sure to tell me he loved me and that he wasn't leaving her side.  Which was a run of emotions for me because here I am laying all spread out (and if you've had a c-section you know exactly what I'm talking about) alone, I wanted him to be with me, I wanted Harper to be with us, but that wasn't his plan.  Michael kissed me and off he went with our miracle baby.  My friends and nurses tell me that Michael was glowing and beaming with pride when Harper was wisked through the waiting room to give our family and friends waiting a teaser look at our sweet Harper.  He stayed with her until about 8:30 that evening.  He came back and showed me pictures on our camera he has taken of her...all 200+ pictures (I have taught him well over the years).  He was so proud.

Over the last year he has just busted my expectations of what a dad should be (now don't think it's all roses all the time, but like they say the Pros out weigh the Cons).  He was so excited when she said 'Dada' first.  He likes to sneak up on her when he comes home and see how excited she gets, he loves going in to get her when she wakes up, he wants to carry when we are going into a store, church or someones house.  He. Is. So. Proud.  That is all there is to it.  He always says "I can get a new you, but I can never get a new Harpy" if any of you know Michael you will know that is just his sarcasm :)

I'm not sure Michael will ever know that every time he is with Harper I fall more in love with him.  He is just a natural; yes we all make mistakes and learn along the way, no one is perfect but he sure does try.  I have a feeling here in a few years he will be putty in her hands ;)

Michael thank you for being the BEST dad we would ever ask for!!  We love you to the moon and back!

Happy 2nd Father's Day!

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