Monday, May 2, 2011

One busy week!

What a whirlwind the last 7 days have been! The best way to show you is...PICTURES!

Happy Easter! Next year we will be egg hunting with Harper!
The ladies at work through me our first baby shower! I was so fun to see all the things we are going to need for this tiny person!! Michael and I are beyond blessed with all the people we have in our lives and are supporting us as we entering this new chapter in our lives.
Harper is one spoiled little girl!!

Michael turned 30!! Being the wonderful wife :) that I am, I took birthday donuts and birthday cake up to his office for a little office party! His co-workers were very grateful for the sweet treats, needless to say...Michael came home with an empty cake platter. :(
27 Weeks! WOO HOO!! I am feeling FANTASTIC!! I went to the Doctor a little over a week ago and I have only gained 13 pounds. Which she says is great! Harper on the other hand is a wittle bitty thing! I think she may be little like her daddy was when he was born (which I can tell you thrills me!) :)
We had a birthday party for Michael to celebrate him turing the BIG 3-0 and to show off his pride and joy...the deck!
It is so funny to me because I know some couples who stay by each other the whole time they are at a social event. But Michael and I are NOT one of those couples! Michael knows how to work a room, he can mingle and chat it up with the best of them.

Singing Happy Birthday to Michael! The little bit he is holding is what I pray Harper is like. Chloe 100% absolutely adores Michael! She would choose him over me ANY day (which breaks my heart sometimes) but she loves her some Michael. She wanted soo bad to blow out the candles, so Michael being the great man he is...let her!
One (of the many) things I am thankful for is he friends Michael has made at work.

Hope everyone had a wonderfully busy week/end like we did!

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