Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day I know was a week ago but a lot has happened since then (stay tuned for that post). My mom wanted a very low key Mother's Day (which is very unlike her) but I think we all know that these are our last "low key" Holiday's until Miss Harper gets here! So we are taking advantage of them.

One of my mom's favorite place to eat is Goldie's, so that's where dinner took place! It was nice and quiet and no one had to do the dishes!! :)
Even though little Miss isn't here yet she must've talked to her dad and told her that since she was growing so was mom's belly and I wasn't fitting into my summer clothes from last year. So dad did a little shopping and bought a few tank tops and shorts so I don't sweat to death in the Oklahoma summer heat!

Hope everyone else had a great Mother's Day!

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