Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blood Pressure=the Devil

It all started a week ago Thursday when I went in for my Glucose test, which I passed by the way! :) I had to go down to the lab first and drink this awful flat orange pop that was luke warm! Then I went back up to the office for my appointment. When I left the lab she told me I had 1 hour to be back down to the lab or I had to take the test again! Well I didn't want that to happen, because it was GROSS!!

So I go into my appointment and she tells me my BP is a little high, well the bottom number was a little high for her. It was 124/90 and it's typically 118-120/80. So she wanted me to come back the next thursday to have it checked again. Keep in mind I had just drank 6 oz of pure sugar and I was on a time constraint and she came into the room and I had 12 minutes to be back down to the lab...whose BP wouldn't be high?!

Fast forward to this last Thursday. I went to my parents before my appointment to rest and not think about my BP being high. I get to my appointment and the nurse takes me back right away and weights me and take the dreaded BP...well it was even higher! It was 152/100!! So the nurse says she is going to talk to Lana and see what she says. The Dr. comes in a minute or so later and says the dreaded words...BED REST. I just look and her and say "Okay well what does that mean exactly." Needing a little more explanation... She tells me that I am on bed rest (i can get up and shower, but that is it) I can lay in a recliner or on either side but not flat on my back. I asked how long I was on bed rest and she says "6 to 8 weeks after she is born" HUH? Come again? What did you just say? **Sidenote: I am all alone at this appointment, get a lot of info dropped in my lap.**

She tells me that she does not want me to get Preeclampsia and have to deliver her early. She also said that I was leaking protein in my urine (which can be a sign of Preeclampsia, if you leak to much). So I am having to do a one time 24 hour Urine collection (to make sure i'm not leaking to much protein) along with 10 weeks of bed rest.

I have to say that so far Michael, our families and friends have been amazing! Michael is making breakfast and lunch and every time I get up to go to the bathroom he says "Where are you going? What are you doing? You need to be sitting!" My mom and sister came out to keep me company and my mom picked up around the house and did the dishes. Kara has brought out ribbon for me to start making Little Miss some hair bows! The In-Laws brought dinner one night. Cara has brought lunch and dinner and even came over and watched movies with me one evening! Everyone has been fantastic and I can't thank everyone enough for their prayers and willingness to help out!! I know Michael appreciates it!

I go back to the Dr on Monday so stay tuned, hopefully we have better news!!

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  1. Oh gosh, bed rest?! Take care of yourself! I haven't seen you in forever!