Saturday, April 23, 2011


Michael is finally done with the deck! The only thing we are missing is patio furniture, so if you have any unwanted Target gift cards you can send them our way! :)

I am soo proud of Michael! He has really wanted a deck since we moved in 2 years ago and I just said "Okay honey, whatever you want!" Well I have to say I am blown away at what he did ALL ON HIS OWN!

We put up Tiki Torches with Citronella oil in hopes to keep the 'skeeters away! We lit them just to get the full effect.

A small project occured (well 2, one is a work in progress...stay tuned!) while I was out on the deck friday morning. We have 2 trees that have survived the last year and we wanted to perk them up! So we took yet another trip to Lowe's to pick out some bricking and rocks. I think it looks really good!


We are ready to break the deck in next Saturday at Michael's 30th Birthday Party!!

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