Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Davis

We have met some wonderful friends through our neighbors. On of our new friends Kara & Daniel tied the knot last night.

They were married at the Central Park Community Center in Downtown. The ceremony was outside and even though it was a little toasty it was a beautiful (Sorry no picture)

Kara dress was beautiful it fit her petite little figure so well and she was glowing! I know they have looked forward to this day for a while now and I know they were glad the day was here!!

We met Kara and Daniel through our neighbors Colby & Carisa. We played softball with them this last spring. Daniel is a great guy and you can see he really loves Kara. Kara is just the sweetest girl, with a spunky personality and she loves Daniel!

We have met some amazing friends whom all are married or getting married in the next several months. We are so blessed to have found couples we all get along with, have things in common, love for OSU sports and just like to be in the company of each other.

The Baldwin's, The Wright's, The soon-to-be Rook's, The Davis', The soon-to-be Bridgeman's and The Horton's

We are blessed!!!

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