Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I know we don't have children but we do have a four-legged child that is GREAT with gift giving! I got a mani/pedi for Mother's Day, not to shabby! Every dog needs a mom and dad!

Gizmo told me a few weeks ago when he was outside with Michael watering the yard, that he wanted to get Michael a hose caddy for Father's Day. We have to have a hose that stretches 100 ft in order for it to reach the back portions of our yard, so imagine if you will Michael getting frustrated with all the hose and just throwing it on the side of the house. Got the image? Well Gizmo is such an observant dog and getting Michael a hose caddy will solve all of Michael's problems!

We went to my parents for dinner, opened gifts (well dad did) and had Angel's Food Cake (dad's favorite!) Our dad is one of a kind! He is always there to lend a shoulder, an ear, advice, the voice of reason and occasionally (when we were younger) embarrass us! But hey isn't that what dad's do?!

With no more Grandpa's around he is the only man we celebrate this Father's Day and I can't wait to celebrate more with him!

Love you dad!

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