Friday, June 25, 2010

How I got my name "Ms. Huder"

I have to say I am INCREDIBLY blessed to have these three families (there are more but these keep me pretty B-U-S-Y!!) to babysit for!
3 years ago this mom came to me over Spring Break in desperate need of a nanny for the summer for her then 5 year old and 9 month old. I agreed and spent my summer with the most fun loving, hysterical, thumb sucking, snack all the time kids!!!
This little boy could not pronounce Ms. Heather so he made his own version and he started calling me "Ms. Huder" and that little boy is turning 4 today, he still calls me Ms. Huder, he still sucks his thumb and he still makes me laugh! This blue-eyed blonde hair little boy has stolen my heart!!

They have added one more precious little boy to their family....

Currently still 'babies' in my eyes!

This mom I knew through church, her daughter had been in my sunday school class. But it wasn't until the day before I got married my bridesmaid's and I were getting pedicures and in walks Kelly, 7 months pregnant with Maggie at the time! Her and her mom were getting pedicures before Kate's birthday party (which was our wedding day!) We started talking and after we got back from our Honeymoon, Kelly kept me pretty busy!

These girls are about to add a new baby (gender to be know July 8th!) to their family and I am sooo excited!!

This stinker, Maggers thinks its sooo funny to call me "Kara" (my other friend who shares the same love for these girls!!)

Miss Kara and I were added to Kate's bedtime prayer list, so I guess we're keepers! ;)

The last of my three AMAZING families is best friends with Kelly. Becky and I also knew each other through church, her daughter Caroline is 1 day younger than Kate, so needless to say they are BFF!!! Kelly gave Becky my number and we have created a 2 year friendship!

There oldest Caroline is a sweet, kind hearted, polite, spunky little girl! She is about to have TWO more babies for siblings! That's right, her mom is pregnant with TWINS!!

Clark is a momma's boy, loves his blankies, but has a smile that will melt your heart, a personality that will leave you laughing and he is soo smart!! I hope for Clark that one of the twins is a boy! He is surrounded by girls!!

To these three amazing families...Thank You! Thank You for entrusting me with your precious children, Thank You for letting me spoil them, Thank You for letting me play with your kiddos and most of all Thank You for treating me like family!

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