Thursday, June 16, 2011

Q & A

Several of you have asked some questions and I figured I would take some time and answer them.

Q: How are you feeling? How's your BP?

A: I am feeling fantastic!! Once I was released from the hospital and was home sleeping in my own bed and showering in my own shower I started to feel like a million bucks! I had a check up the week after I was discharged and my BP was 118/70. My doctor started to scale back my BP meds and she would check up on me at my 6 week check-up.

Q: How is Harper?

A: She is doing wonderful! We couldn't be more thrilled with her progress. She is gaining good weight (averages about 2 oz a day). Her nurses say she is the least High Maintenance baby in her hallway and she's the easiest! Which we like to hear!

Q: Have the given you a time frame of when she will come home?

A: No. She has to complete a check list of things before she can come home. We don't want them to give us time frame because if something happens and they have to retract their statement we would be devastated!

Q: Once she weighs 5 pounds she can come home right?

A: There is no weight requirement to being discharged. I asked her nurses about the 5 pounds question and they said that they aren't sure where people heard that but there is no weight requirement.

Q: So, what are the requirements for her to come home?

A: She has to complete 3 things (as far as we know).
1. She has to be completely breathing on her own. (she had this accomplished by her week birthday)
2. She has to be taking all of her feedings from a bottle and/or nursing. (We started nursing last friday and she has done wonderful. The most she has taken is 14 mL. She has taken the bottle twice, 10 and 12 mL at each feeding)
3. She has to past the car seat test. If you watch Grey's then you know what I'm talking about!

I hope I have answered everyone's questions. We don't have much to report, which in my world is fabulous! That means she is just growing and eating, which is what we like! :)

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