Sunday, June 19, 2011

One Month Birthday

Harper Jane we can not believe you are 1 month old!
Here is what you've been up to:
-You are still currently staying in the most expensive hotel room you will ever stay in! :)
-You are completely breathing on your own and have been since you were 7 days old
-You weigh 4 pounds (double your birth weight!)
-You are 15 1/4 inches long
-You are eating 38mL (a little over 1 oz.) every 3 hours
-You are doing non-nutritive nursing (which means you are nursing just to get the hang of it)
-You are taking a bottle at your 2am feeding and the night of your 1 month birthday you took 30mL!
-You are showing signs of a little bit of reflux (which if that is all we walk away with from this experience, I consider that fantastic!)
-You are more awake in the evening then any other time of the day
-You have had at least 2 visitors (non-family) a day
-You are actually in Pampers Premie Swaddlers not in the Cuddle Buns the hospital provides
You have stolen the hearts of your daddy and I, our family, friends and the nurses!! We are so proud of you baby girl and are so anxious to see what the future holds for you!


  1. *HAPPY 1st FATHER'S DAY!*

    What a beautiful miracle unfolding...

    Love to u all!

  2. Adorable baby and adorable quilt.


  3. Heather, she is adorable! So glad she is doing well. I'm very happy you like her sign, it'll be fun to finish it up with her sweet little footprints.