Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy 26th Birthday to me!

I know I am about 21 days late on posting about my birthday but December has flown by!

Cara and Kara told me we were going to dinner for my birthday just the 3 of us. I asked Michael why he wasn't coming and he said that they just wanted it to be us three and he really didn't want to be the only boy at dinner (hint, hint: he didn't really want to go). So the girls come pick me up for dinner and we are supposed to go get mani's and pedi's but Friday traffic was horrible and the place was closed by the time we got there. So we went to Utica and walked around looked at the lights, got hot chocolate and then went and looked at lights around the neighborhood by Utica, at this point I was STARVING and didn't know why we weren't eating!! :) After about 20 mins of driving Cara said "OK let's go eat!" Praise God! I was starving! So we then proceed to go back to Utica (at this point I am confused but thinking something is up) and we walk into PF Chang's and there is a table of family and friends singing Happy Birthday to me! I was surprised and so blessed that Kara, Cara and Michael pulled this off! I had a great time getting to see and talk to everyone and I wish everyone could have been there! I wish all of my friends lived in Tulsa and we were never apart!

I wished for him on my 18th Birthday!

Neighbors!!! Lindsay and Kellen

The "Out-Laws!"

I heart Kara!



Steph, we will celebrate our 18th anniversary in February!!



The other Cara cohort!

The Hillman's

My sooo yummy birthday cake!

What to wish for???

The girls behind it all!!!

Thanks Cara and Kara for all of your hard work! You girls are more than I deserve!!! Love you girls!!!

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