Sunday, June 14, 2009

Prayer Request

We are having a very tough time with getting a loan. After Michael was laid off he took 2 weeks off (which was much needed for him, he has worked everyday since he was 16) before actively pursuing a job. He couldn't find something making the pay we were used to, not to mention something he was passionate about. He finally found a job at Lowe's but he was working the night stocking job from 9p-6a. Let me tell you that was NOT fun!!! We never saw each other! After about 3 weeks of working at Lowe's my Uncle hooked him up with someone at Jarboe Sales Inc. He was hired on instantly and is a deliver driver, delivering wine & liquor to liquor stores, restaurants, casinos, etc. He is really liking his job (because he isn't on his feet all the time). So everything sounds great right? Michael has a full time job & a part time job, I have been hired on as a 5 day a week preschool teacher and still working 4 nights a week. Sounds like everything is going great, right?! Well there is a problem to this "picture perfect" picture. Michael for the first 90 days is on a training period. Which means that he is technicially working for a temp agency until Aug 3rd. Well when the mortgage company goes to do what the call a Verification of Employment (VOE) Jarboe says Michael doesn't work there. :(

We are now working with a lady who has been very helpful (and takes pitty on us, since our house has been done for 2 weeks now) and is proactive in getting us the loan!

Here is where you come in...For the next week or so if you could just pray that the loan will go threw, the underwriter will have everything they need and see that we are good, honest, never miss a payment, fabulous credit people and give us the loan!! As soon as we here something I will let you all know!!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers over the next week! We NEED them!!!


  1. I am praying for you girlie!!! If it makes you feel better, I think getting our loan and closing had way less of a chance than yours but it happened :) God will provide!!!!

  2. Sending up some P's tonight and this week in your honor...j
    When asked this morning in class, "What is God to you?"
    was my immediate answer.
    That He is my friend.

  3. Lot's of prayers from me too! (And also a GREAT BIG CYBER-HUG!!!)

  4. We are praying for you guys, and we love you both lots!