Sunday, June 7, 2009

First year of marriage

Cheers to us and many happy years together!!

It is 7:20 on June 7, 2009 and right now was when Todd Craig was wrapping up our ceremony! I can not believe that we have been married a year already! It feels like it has gone by so fast. I have to say that this has been an exciting and hard year. Here are a few things I have learned:

1. Michael likes to go to bed early.
2. He doesn't like clutter!
3. He never makes the bed!
4. Even when he lost his job he was still optimistic about our financial future, never showed me he was scared.
5. Michael like to grocery shop every weekend.
6. Our parents have been very supportive in our financial decisions and given us advice when needed.
7. Michael does NOT travel in airplanes well!!!!
8. He could eat a peanut butter sandwich EVERYDAY!
9. He lets me reward myself buy shopping when I have had a rough week.
10. When I was making decisions about finishing college he told me that whatever I decided was my decision and he would support me 100%.
11. When I was told my car as on it's last leg, he told me he would get a ride to work from his sister so I didn't have to be without a car. (My 4-Runner is working GREAT, by the way!)
12. When I want to have a girls night out, he doesn't complain.
13. Michael's idea of a good weekend is sitting at home. Mine is running errands and being out and about.
14. He doesn't care if I babysit both friday & saturday night, even if we haven't seen each other all week.
15. After all the car trouble, lay-off, and house issues we have been dealing with I would NEVER want to have all those hardships with anyone but Michael! He is such a strong man and I am proud to call him my husband! This last 365 days has been a true test to our marriage and I can't wait for the next 70 years to spend with him!!!

I love you baby! Thanks for marrying me!!!

Pictures Celebrating our Anniversary!

Opening our topper...praying it tastes good!!


  1. Such a sweet post! Love you!

  2. I love your list!
    (Was the cake any good?!)