Monday, May 20, 2013

Two Years Old

I can't even believe it, you are officially 2.  I feel like I've been waiting for this day for the last few months and I'm not exactly sure of my feelings.  I am excited for the future and all the fun and exciting things it brings, but I am also nervous.  Will you love Jesus?  Will you know when to say yes and when to say no?  Will you still want to hold our hand in a parking lot?  Will you continue to kiss us goodnight (twice)?  Will you have a best friend who you can tell all your secrets too?  These are things I pray for and will continue to do so.  I am sad to see you grow up so fast, but I am so thankful you are healthy and have NO complications from being born at 29 weeks.   

What are you up to?

-You weigh 26.7 lbs (51%tile)
-You are 34.3/4 inches tall (75 %tile)
-You are still sleeping in your crib, your bed time is about 8-8:30 and you sleep until about 8:30 sometimes 9!

-You are in a size 4 diaper
-You are in a size 5 (sometimes a 6) shoe
-You are in a 24mo or 2T clothes
-You LOVE Chick-fil-a, you ask to go there for every meal

-You can almost count to 20.  You get 1-13 the you say 18 until we get to 18, the you will say 19, 20!!!
-You say 98% of your ABC's (those ones at the end trip you up)
-You are putting your friends and who their mommy's are together (Mysha is the only one you know)
-You love to color, you know where they crayons are and you just help yourself

-You are officially graduated from Flippers with Ms Chanel and are going to be doing Minnows, without mommy or daddy.  Just you, a couple other kids and the teacher...I am nervous.
-You are memorizing our monthly bible verses.  You have April's memorized (see video at the end) and we've almost got May's down!

-You are doing less "parroting" and more talking from your own thoughts.
-You are in the stage of mine.  "My lambie, my drink, my shoes, etc"
-You love stickers!!  
-You will tell me when you poop.  You have showed interest in the potty, sat on it a few times but nothing yet.

-You are very curious, you like to explore everything.  Push the buttons, open the door or just figure out how things work.
-Your new phrase is "Come here!"  You will say that when you want our attention.
-You know pretty much all of your body parts

-You still love Bubble Guppies!
-You also love to watch Nemo 
-You know your full name
-When you do something you say "Ta-Da!"

-You love Gizmo, you say bye to him when we leave, you have to kiss him before bed. You also boss him around.
-You notice when people leave and you ask where they are.  You are very kind.
-You know when we go to church for school, sunday mornings or just childcare.  You know which friends you're going to see, you are just too smart!

It's so hard to believe you were barely 2lbs just 2 years ago.  God is good, faithful and has BIG plans for you!  Nugget (and Boo {what daddy calls you}) we love you to heaven and back and are so beyond blessed you are ours!!

I hope you had a great birthday weekend and realize all the people that love you!!!

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