Friday, May 17, 2013

"H" or "Harper"-girls clothes

Pumpkin "Harper" onesie 0-3 mos $15 shipped SOLD

Turkey "Harper" onesie 3-6 mos with matching corker bow $18 shipped ($15 without bow)   SOLD

Tree "Harper" 3-6 mos with matching bow $18 shipped ($15 without bow) SOLD

"1" Harper shirt  18 mo $15 shipped

Pumpkin "H" 18 mo. $15 shipped

Owl Thanksgiving "Harper" shirt 18 mo. $15 shipped

Christmas Tree "Harper" 18 mo $15 shipped SOLD

Pink Chevron Valentine's Day "Harper" shirt 24 mo $15 shipped  SOLD

Easter Chick "Harper shirt 24 mo $15 shipped  SOLD

All of these items are stain free and in a smoke free home!  If you are interested in more than one item, I will bundle them together at a discounted price.  I would really like to pass these on to another Harper!


  1. I was interested in the harper christmas tree, chevron heart, and easter chick t-shirts. I was wondering if you would bundle them and what would be the bundled price for all three. My email is

  2. I am interested in the pumpkin Harper, Turkey Harper , and tree Harper. Do you bundle, and how much for all three? Please email at Thanks.

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