Thursday, December 6, 2012

A year and a half

I can't even believe we are half way to 2!  That seems totally crazy to me!  You have really turned into a toddler here this last month.  

You are talking non-stop (no clue where you got that from) we don't always understand what you are saying but we can understand these words Momma, Dada, Uh-Oh, peas (please), Tat you (thank you), No, go, let's go, dog, cow, monkey, grandpa, Michael, Jason, Kiki, OH MY GAH, purple, yellow, drink, all done, more, Noni, outkide (outside), baby, teeth, bath, brush, banana, up, bookie (book), paci, night-night, bubble, eat, Elmo.  I'm sure I'm missing some but at your 18 mo appointment Dr. Mayberry asked how many words you were saying and we said "A lot" then she asked about how many 10-20 or 20-50 and we said 20-50 and then we got in the car and started listing them!  

You will point to the monkey's in a book or on the wall at church and "oo-oo-ah" it's so amazing to see you associate things and the talk about them without being prompted.  When you pick up something heavy you will grunt like it's the heavest thing you've ever picked up!  It started when you picked up a heavy pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.

I have bluetooth in my car so when we call your daddy on the way to work or school everyday you say "Hi dada, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi" over and over again.  Then when we are done you say "Buh-bye dada, bye, bye, bye" It's the sweetest thing that you realize we are talking to dada.

You for SURE have your own personality, you chose to listen when you want, you will look at us and run the other way if we ask her to come to here (ie, getting dressed, bath, putting shoes on) you are sure your own little person, I don't always love how strong willed you are :)

You are still the happiest kid and everyone always comments how good you are when we are out in public.  They always ask how old you are and the it's followed by "Wow, she is little."  I want to say "Yeah you should've seen her 21lbs ago!"  But I don't, I just say "Yep and we love it!"

Here are your stats from your 18 mo check up

Weight: 23 pounds (31%)
Height: 31.5 inches (45%)
Head: 47 cm (63%)

You are perfect and we love it!

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