Saturday, March 17, 2012

Diaper Dolphins

We enrolled Harper in Swimming Lessons.  Her class is called Diaper Dolphins, there are 5 other little kids in her class (only 1 boy!  Who I actually grew up with his Daddy).  To say she had fun, is an understatement!!!  She loved splashing around.  I'm not sure if she was showing off for her Daddy or her Noni but she sure had a GREAT time!  I'll leave you with his little video.  It's kinda long, but you see how excited she is!!


  1. so cute! Yes we do have the same teacher. Our next class starts the week after spring break and we are doing Tuesdays at five. I think we are going to stop for the summer after that one though. My in laws have a pool and we will go over there a few days after work and on weekends. But if you all start up again in the fall I DEFINITELY want to join you all. For sure!

  2. also your blog looks cute, did you get that figured out?