Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Months

10 months!  I say it every month, but I can't believe it!

Here is what you are up to:

-You weight 19 pounds, I'm unsure of your length.
-You are in size 3 diapers
-You are fully in 9 month clothes (the footed jammies are a little long, but you'll catch up)
-The time change was good to you :) you are still going to be by 8 BUT you will sleep now until 8:30 (a few days even 10!)
-I was wrong in saying you would be crawling by 10 months!  You are soooo close though.  You just need to get your knees underneath you.  Your daddy found you in your crib today on your knees trying to pull yourself up...This momma isn't ready for that!
-You went to your first swimming lessons this week and by the video in the previous post it is safe to say you had a BLAST!

-You are trying to drop your bottles...which in a few months will be great when you can drink milk, but you still need to get your nutrients from your bottles!  I offer you a 7oz bottle when you wake up and before bed (I used to do after nap but you would have maybe an ounce and you were off to other things!) and between the 14oz I'm lucky if you take 10 :(
-We had our first official family pictures taken and you were FANTASTIC!!!!
-You say 'dada' all the time and I will say 'mama' when you say 'dada' and you just smile big at me :/
-You still think Chloe is the funniest thing!  She really gets you laughing and she just wants you to be her baby doll.
-Papa and Noni bought you a swing for Valentine's Day and we hung it up over the garage and you are a little unsure of it, BUT you loved the swing at the park when we went a few days ago.
-Still no teeth, but you are gumming everything very very well, it doesn't make me quiet as nervous.
-You LOVED avacado's

-You have had Cheerios, you did great!

-I had to spike your water with a little Apple Juice to get you to drink out of the Sippy cup...stinker!

-We have taken you out of the bumbo in the bath tub and just filled it with a little bit of water and let you splash love that!

Harper Jane-
You are the light of our lives and we are so over the moon in love with you!!  

Love, Mom and Dad

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