Monday, March 21, 2011

No break in this Spring Break!

Last week was Spring Break for me and boy was it busy!!

I knew it was going to be my only "free time" until after school is out (which is a week later now, Thank you Blizzards 2011!) So I rallied my mom, Kiki and Cara together to help me paint Harper's room. Don't worry when it came time for the chair rail Daddy put his blood, sweat and choice words into her room! :)

Her crib is together and her dresser and stroller will be here sometime this week. I can't wait to get her dresser in her room and I can start to put all her clothes in drawers. Speaking of clothes...lordy this child has so many clothes already and I think I've personally bought 3 outfits! Chloe has been so sweet to let "Baby Harp-er" have all of her clothes. Harper will be just shy of 3 years younger than Chloe and I pray that they are great friends! I asked Chloe what she was going to teach Harper and she said "I teach her to pee pee in da potty and scoot way back!" You can tell mom has repeated that Chloe scoot back! :)

During Spring Break we rolled over week 21!! As Aunt Nenna says..."Only 18 more weeks!!"

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 21 Weeks
Size of baby: 10.5 inches (a carrot)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I went at 20 weeks and I have lost a pound.
Maternity Clothes: Jeans & Tops
Gender: GIRL!!! Harper Jane Horton
Movement: Nada! But I'm hoping it's any time now!!!
Sleep: I'm currently sleeping very comfortably. Stay tuned...apparently that changes!
What I miss: Not really anything yet.
Cravings: Not really anything specific!
Symptoms: LOTS of sneezing, reflux & acne! :(
Best Moment this week: Getting her nursery started!!

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