Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

Michael and I found out last Tuesday that we were having a precious baby girl! BUT the hardest part of it was keeping it a secret from everyone until Saturday. My sister was in a program in Stillwater and couldn't be home until Saturday.

So we decided to have a little party to reveal to all of our family and friends what our baby was!

I made cupcakes with a pink jelly bean in the middle and iced them. So when everyone bit into the middle they would see the PINK!! (well I need to give all the credit to Cara, she put all the pink jelly beans in the cupcakes and iced them all!!)

Once everyone got there we passed out cupcakes and on the count of 3 everyone bit into them!! Needless to say my sister (Aunt Ninna) broke hers in half so she could be the first person to see what color was on the inside!

As always my sisters reactions are PRICELESS! She was jumping up and down and screaming!! She is sooo excited to have a niece!

We had picked our names out before we were ever pregnant. We really like the H thing. I am am and was an "HH" and my sister is an "HH". So why not keep the trend going! We decided on Harper for the girl and her middle name was going to be Marie (which is mine and my mom's middle name) but the more I ran it together I didn't feel like it flowed. So we pulled all the middle names in our family to see what we liked and Jane was the 2nd one and it stuck! We loved it!! My grandma's name is Mary Jane (my mom's mom) and I felt like if we had a little girl naming her Harper Jane was a great way to honor her (she is still alive). My grandma has given soo much to my sister and I and even to Michael and I. I pray that Harper has a heart like her Gigi!!

We could not be more thrilled for our precious little girl!! She is going to be the first Grandchild and Great Grandchild so we know she is going to be extra loved!!!!

Team Blue (sorry guys...maybe next time!)

Team PINK (AKA the winning team!)

We can not wait to meet her, snuggle her and love her!!! She already has her daddy wrapped around his finger and she is the size of a tomato!! :)


  1. YAY! I'm so so excited! I also love the name Harper Jane. It just fits!! Can't wait to see you this weekend.

    P.S. Your sister is the only person I know who could rock a belly shirt & still look fabulous. That betch. :-)

  2. yay for a baby girl, and the cute! :) Congrats!

  3. Love her name! Congratulations!