Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 6-Whatever tickles my fancy

It is Recruitment Week at my Alma Mater Oklahoma State! So I am going to dedicate this post to the Phabalous women I met and will forever have in my life!!

As Seniors our last Bid Day 2007!

Senior Week! We celebrated at our favorite place...Murphy's!

My GG (Allison) and My Twin (Torri)

Celebrating Birthday (post college)

Homecoming 2006

Karrie and I in Washington D.C. with Sir Fidel!

A snowy Stillwater!

Big/Little I am about to be a GG Big!

My beautiful family at our wedding (Minus Biggie, she snuck out before this was taken!)

All of my Phabalous sisters!!

Biggie Love!

Alumni Skit Night


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