Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 3-Favorite TV Show

If you know me but AT ALL you will say this is my favorite TV show...

...because I'm always quoting it, or making a reference to it in some fashion! This show NEVER gets old! About 2 or 3 times a year I get out all 10 seasons and start from the Pilot Episode and go all the way to 2003! I still laugh, I still cry and yes I do know most of the lines!

But this show right here was the HIGHLIGHT of my life for most of my elementary school days...

Every friday night I would have had my bath and my hair dried and my mom would put curlers (pink sponge rollers) or braid it while we watch TGIF! Full House was a show my mom and I NEVER missed. Ok I have to admit that my parents still to this very moment still have EVERY single episode on VHS at their house! I won't let them throw them away, even though I have Seasons 1-4 on DVD at my house. I feel like that is a part of my childhood that needs to go in a time capsule.

Those 2 shows are with out a doubt my Top 2!

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