Saturday, July 31, 2010

Out with the old in with the new

I have a few OCD things in my life. One of them is I HAVE to be wearing shoes all the time. I was one of those kids that never played outside without shoes. So needless to say I have been through my share of slippers! 2 years ago this Christmas I bought these 2 pairs of slippers. I literally wear them ALL the time! Ask my neighbors, they make fun of me!

I know what your thinking, oh those must be soo comfy! Well if you turn them over you see this...

Yes, that is my big toe you see! Everyone tells me that slippers are less than $10 and I should go buy new ones! Well needless to say, I haven't!

Until today! One of my best friends Cara

bought these!! Aren't they sooo cute?!? And they are soo comfy and they match other PJ's from Target I got from one of my kiddos!

So here I am documenting the bottom of these slippers, they are nice and clean, and no one's big toe, heal or ball of their foot is peaking out!

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  1. YAYYYYY. it's about time! those christmas tree ones were OUT-of-Control!!!