Monday, March 22, 2010

Blogger's Block

I have been thinking "Oh I need to blog, I give people a hard time when they don't update their blog! But what do I say?" I just feel like I don't have much to talk about lately. So I will give you a Monthly play-by-play as to what has happened in our lives over the past 2 1/2 months.


Michael started his new job at Newfield Exploration. He went on an interview in early October and we played the waiting game until 2 weeks before Christmas, when they called and offered him the job! He is learning how to be a Division Order Analyst (no clue what that means!) Here is Michael on his first day!

Got more of this...


Happy Valentine's Day!

Done alot of this of the past few months...

**I'm babysitting if you can't tell! :-) I watch the CUTEST girls! I love spending time with them and I am grateful their mom and dad like to go out a lot so the girls and I get time to play!**


Our little Niece Elli turned 1 on March 6th. I posted about her BIRTHday here!

It is hard to believe that Stephanie (her mom) and I have been friends for over 18 years now! It is so crazy to imagine that we are married and starting families (well Stephanie is, anyway). Here are a few pictures from Ellie's 1st Birthday Party.

We are very lucky to have such fun neighbors! We have 3 other couples on our block that are recently married or getting married within the next several months. One of the couples Kellen and Lindsey are getting married this coming Saturday and they had their Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties on the same night last weekend. I am pretty sure a good time was had by all!! ;-) The details are a secret!

Carisa (our neighbors to the North of us) loves to take pictures just as much as I do! Shocking I know because I take A LOT of pictures! We tried to get a neighbor girls picture and we couldn't do it we were laughing to hard! So here it is!
L to R:
Carisa, Susan, Me and Lindsey is holding the cupcake

Well I guess that's it for now! Sester's Birthday, Kellen & Lindsey's wedding and our good friends Cara & Melvin are moving ALL this weekend! So I have NO excuse not to blog!

P.S. I need to give credit where credit is due...I stole my title "Blogger's Block" from Kim. The title just fit how I have been feeling. So Thanks Kim for the idea! :-)

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  1. You're back!! ;) Congrats to Michael on his new job! I've heard of the company before. Geoff works in the same industry so always hear names of different companys. It looks like you guys have had a good first of the year.