Sunday, September 20, 2009


I know I did a post about all the things I have learned being married to Michael, now I'm going to write about all the things Michael does in our lives. He is pretty amazing and if I could clone him....I would be a BILLIONAIRE!

1. Michael does the laundry at least 75% of the time (he even folds and hangs it up)
2. Michael does the dishes and unloads the dishwasher and if he doesn't know where it goes he leaves a note with a "?" on it! :)
3. When we got a new car he let me drive it for 2 weeks even though the car is really his to drive, he knew I liked driving it.
4. Most sundays when I get home from work Michael has cleaned the bathroom (that includes the toilet, vacuuming, the mirror and countertops), vacuumed the house, cleaned up the living room and done the dishes.
5. He will trade me cars and then give me my 4-Runner back cleaned (inside & out) and gassed up!
6. He helps me pack lunches
7. He always checks with me before he goes golfing. (He knows he doesn't have to, but does anyway)
8. Has been to a million weddings with me and NEVER complains (he knows I love weddings)
9. He goes with me shopping for stuff to decorate the house with (even though I know he could care less)
10. Takes the trash out, everytime!
11. Always walks Gizmo!
12. Even though I quit working nights so we could spend more time together, he encouraged me to join a running club because he knew I wanted to.
13. Sometimes I am asleep when he gets home at night, but I leave the lamp on in our room so he can see, I always feel him kiss me on the cheek and wisper "I Love You, Goodnight Baby" and turns the light out.
14. He calls me every morning to wake me up.
15. No matter where he is, who he is with or what he is doing he ALWAYS tells me he loves me!!!

Michael does more than pull his weight at our house. He is soo awesome and I can't even begin to explain what my life would be like without him!!

I know Michael doesn't read this but I want him to know just how much I appreciate him!!

Love you babe!


  1. & these arent even the reasons i "okayed" you marrying him.. haha
    I love michael very much :) & honestly cant really remember life without him in it!
    love you.. but im gunna go slit my wrist now. THANKS :)

  2. Isn't it AMAZING how well marriage works when we each focus on blessing the other? I heard a quote that true love is more focused on what the other person needs than their own. Sounds like Michael is one serious Love Bird!! :)

  3. Sounds like you have a keeper!

  4. yeah! whatever...that ain't nothin' special!!! ha ha ha ha!!!!

    i love michael too! and i've never met him....

    i have nothing gooey ooey to say cuz i'm just not in gooey ooey mode tonight...but i love you and i love that you love your man...that is one precious thing...he seems to be pretty amazing...i'm so happy for you!