Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Heather Montana"

I know I know, it doesn't have the ring like "Hannah Montana" but what can you do?!

I am coming to you live from Great Falls, Montana. Where is that you ask?! It is in the middle of no-where! j/k! It actually is a very cute little town with an Air Force base thrown in it! My college roommate Karrie and her husband Jeremy are stationed in Montana and Amanda (my other college roommate) and I are visiting them for a week. We have been here since Tuesday afternoon and have been on the move ever since we got here!

Amanda and I at the Airport at 5:30am! Man that was a hard one!

Here we are getting on our plane from Denver, CO to Bozeman, MT. Notice that we are standing by the plane! Yeah it was that small!! :/

Our first stop Yellowstone National Park

I have never been to a National Park so I didn't really know what to expect. Geyser's are a BIG thing in Yellowstone. They are everywhere you go!! The ground around them is very unstable, so they have boardwalks for you to walk on. The bluer the water the hotter it is! They can be as hot as 175 degrees!

Oh yeah...THEY STINK!!! They smell like rotten eggs or smoke bombs!

Here we are sitting in stand still traffic...This is what you call a "Bison Jam"

Yep! You're right! That Bison is just hanging out in the middle of the road! they have the right of way and there really isn't much you can do but wait or try to go around them! *This is a daily occurrence at dusk!*

So Yellowstone is really mostly in Wyoming, but have to have the traditional "Welcome to..(enter your state here) sign!

I have heard about Old Faithful and she sure lived her to her stories!!! It was beautiful!!!

Here we are, myself, Amanda and Karrie at Lake Yellowstone:

After 2 1/2 days in Yellowstone we headed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming! It was a cute little snow town, that looked weird with all the green mountains! They have some cute shops and this weird Elk Antler arch!

We have rested at Karrie and Jeremy's today and are headed out in the morning to the Farmer's market and then to Galcier National Park, then White Water Rafting on Sunday! I will post more once we get back sunday afternoon!


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  1. I loved looking at your pics, Heather! Yellowstone is one of my favorite vacations we've ever taken! It's beautiful! Looks like you had so much fun... Girls trips are awesome! -Katie G